Improve the efficiency of your teams with the JTask module

jplatform10 logo jtask couleur 200x215pxJTask is a project management module. Thanks to it, organize and monitor teamwork through collaborative and agile task management.



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When to use this module?

Do you want to have a better follow-up of your teams' tasks? Define tasks, assign and track their progress with JTask. The use cases are many and varied, whether for:
  • Organize a communication plan and monitor the planning of publications and contributions
  • List and distribute all tasks and actions to be performed following a team meeting
  • Manage a portfolio of macro projects
Do you want to see more clearly what you have to do? The JTask module also allows you to manage your personal tasks!

What does this module offer?

The JTask module allows you to create, assign and manage tasks. Tasks can be grouped into projects in which both project managers and observers participate.

Key features and functions

  • Assigning a task to several people
  • Kanban view where tasks are presented in columns showing progress
  • Planning view with 2 presentations: by author or by task
  • Task list view
  • Display of the activity of the whole project
  • Application view that aggregates all the tasks of all the user's projects in the same page. 
  • Mass editing of project tasks

Task management 

  • Create and assign a task in one click, from an alert, document or email
  • Moving tasks by dragging and dropping to show progress
  • Customized view of tasks
  • Support for repetitive tasks, associated documents, managers, observers, comments and histories
  • Organization into customizable columns (title, color, etc.)
  • Reminder of tasks to be completed
  • List of a user's tasks

Project management 

  • Percentage of project progress
  • Rights management
  • Creation from model
  • Project portfolio view
The module also includes a "My Tasks" portlet that lists the tasks to be done by the connected member.

What our customers like

Smooth integration into the Digital Workplace 

The JTask module integrates with the other features of my Digital Workplace Jalios:
  • I can attach GED documents or any other content to a task.
  • If I consult a document (contract, accompanying proposal, invoice, etc.), recommendation or content (wiki, article, etc.), I can create a task on this publication, link it to an existing project and assign it directly to a colleague.
  • I can also create a task from an email (with the JMail module) in one click
  • When I arrive at the office in the morning, I have an overview of my day's tasks. I can travel on the following and previous days.
  • Task notifications are integrated into the alert centre of the digital workplace.

Use in mobility

The JTask module is also available on my mobile.
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  • I can visualize tasks and projects: tasks in progress, assigned, completed. 
  • I can edit a task, extend the deadline or finish it in one click. I can also very easily change the status of a task by changing its column.

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