A collaborative solution for cross-functional communication

Alpes Controls has experienced a major growth phase over the last 5 to 10 years, and as a result the company lacked the tools to disseminate information in a top-down, transversal and bottom-up manner.

Their priority was GED, because the need for jobs within the company is to update information and provide simplified and fast access.

They then called on Jalios and ASI to create their platform that would meet their needs. 

The solution implemented is very dynamic, in the colors of Alpes Contôles, and has allowed the company to have a communication system, and to pass all types of information, the documents are always updated with JDrive.

"This is one of the projects that has gone the best in the last five years." - Pauline Vignoud, Head of Communication


*It is possible to display the english subtitles in the video settings.

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