Île de France Regional Council

Île de France Regional Council

Collaborative intranet

  • More than 10,000 agents, 209 elected officials
  • Headquarters located in the new Docks district of Saint-Ouen at the gates of Paris
  • Acts in the fields of transport, high schools, learning, economic development and the environment

Issue: Connect and federate 10,400 agents around a Smart Region

At the beginning of 2018, the 1,800 employees at the Île-de-France region's headquarters, previously spread over about ten sites, moved into a new, new, modern, designed and connected building. This move was an opportunity for the community to implement new working methods that would break down barriers between teams, create more transversality and efficiency between agents and teams.



The 8,600 high school staff in the territory's 471 schools are all the more concerned by the overhaul of the intranet because they are geographically far from headquarters. This is why the new site is intended to be inclusive, innovative and participatory in order to strengthen their sense of belonging to the region.

The Region wished to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the move of the headquarters to its new site in Saint-Ouen to redesign its intranet so that it embodies these ambitions and reflects these new working conditions for all staff. 

Eolas and the Jalios technology, have been selected to implement this redesign.

Solution: A more efficient and ergonomic intranet

This new platform, adapted to their needs, offers easy ergonomics, reorganized content and an optimal user experience for any agent.

It is more agile, flexible, faster, more efficient and ergonomic, thanks to its simple and efficient search, quick access to all the necessary documents and tools, and simplified access to the conversation between agents.

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