Dematerialize your document processes efficiently with JCapture

Jalios JPlatform - Dématérialisation JCapture - Logo JCaptureDo you have internal or external processes based on physical paper documents? To increase efficiency and productivity, these processes must be optimized. This optimization involves the implementation of an automatic scanning chain, a scanned paper document and the initiation of a process (Workflow). 

JCapture gives the possibility to set up an end-to-end capture chain. 


Jalios JPlatform - Dématérialisation JCapture


What does this module offer?

The JCapture module can be used in several contexts:

  • The document does not exist on the Jalios platform but exists in paper version: JCapture communicates with the Fujistu iX500 and S1300i scanners installed on the user's Windows computer. After scanning, the document is placed directly in the platform and opens to allow the user to finalize the recording. 
  • The document already exists on the Jalios platform: JCapture analyzes the document, recognizes its type (invoice, estimate, etc.) and processes it

JCapture recognizes the type of document, it extracts (OCR process: optical character recognition) information from the digitized document (invoice reference, date, amount excluding tax, etc.) to enhance the document metadata (title, description, etc.) in the platform.

The module is based on document templates configured and pre-saved in the platform. These templates are composed of several patterns (regular expressions or words) that allow the document type to be recognized in a unique way. For example, it can recognize the type of document by: 

  • A text in an area of the document (example: the word Amazon in the header of an invoice)
  • A date in a given format (example: the date of a training session on a tally sheet)

Recognition can be done on the first page, the last page, page 1 or 2 of the document.

JCapture also works from PDF documents received by email (purchase orders, quotes, invoices...). With a single click, the document can be processed with JCapture directly from Outlook or JCalendar.

What our customers like

Improve productivity

The productivity gain obtained by the speed of acquisition and processing of incoming documents contributes to making the company's or organization's document processes more efficient. JCapture reduces repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The quality/price ratio

Setting up a document scanning and acquisition chain can be very expensive. JCapture allows you to have a very good quality/price ratio and to control costs.


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