Digital Workplace & Chatbot: 3 min to understand why it's the right idea!

How can the use of chatbot coupled with a Digital Workplace become a real personal assistant allowing access to a set of turnkey services?


1. The fundamentals

Artificial intelligence, robot, chatbot, terms that we hear more and more in our daily lives. All these names now designate a programmatic interface for conversation with a natural language.

"Now" because in a few years this logical layer has made enormous progress, it interprets human language to best respond to the user's services. We will remember "Eliza" or the pink minitel.

We can now talk about a conversational agent who simulates (more and more) a human conversation. For Klee, this interface must be clear, dynamic and a tool to simplify everyday life. Through the automation of dialogues, the configuration of scenarios and scripts to retrieve cross-platform data, the conversational agent is moving towards the centralization of services and will become a major asset for productivity and user comfort.

Example: (If Iron Man depends so much on Jarvis we too will succeed! *KleeBot! Call Chloe from Marketing. * => Call the right Chloe from the company!)

To increase productivity and comfort, this conversational agent needs information that he can process and modify for us. What is the core of the company's IS? We at Klee like to think of it as the Digital Workplace. Why? Why? Because, as our partner says very well in this article ("What is the Digital Workplace?"), the Digital Workplace is the central point between all IS applications, it is as well the access point to other business applications, as the point of aggregation of information from communication or business applications via HR applications (leave for example.)


2. Fuuuuuuuusioooon

Today the Digital Workplace seems to be the perfect place for our conversational agent to plant his roots and get his information from it.



What can he do with all this information?

  • Create a knowledge base (build tomorrow's FAQ)



  • Offer a range of services to automate recurring uses (holiday webservices, user search and call, appointment registration, etc.)



  • Become a personal assistant capable of supporting users through tailor-made service proposals (training and content proposals)



3. Infobesity

However, be careful because coupled with the DW this agent must remain clear and precise about his possible actions. Its purpose is not to lose the user:

  • The functionalities must be selected so as not to take the user on the wrong road,
  • Create short forms so as not to discourage the user.
  • Avoid content spam as continuous notifications become redundant and irrelevant

The goal is to keep it simple and simplify complex tasks.



4. And on the other hand....

The other trap is to leave on a conversational agent too quickly and that it is without "key" functionality. It must have precise goals and functionalities that make it essential to the productivity and comfort of the user.


A close collaboration between publisher/integrator and a common listening allowed us to establish a list of key features that are in the future JBot of Jalios. This list of functionalities exploits JPlatform data and can be enriched thanks to the strength of our consulting teams ( in order to complete it with business services as close as possible to users.


It is thanks to the combined strength of this list of features and business services that you will have a successful merger!



Written by Amine Bedjaoui

Lead Tech - Klee Interactive

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