Moselle Departmental Council

Moselle Departmental Council

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  • The Moselle département was France's 23rd most populous département in 2017, with 1,043,522 inhabitants, known as Mosellans, spread across 725 communes.


  • An innovative and disruptive project, the "Moselle Éducation" intermediation platform is equipped by Jalios and supported by the Moselle département.


The platform brings together all the players and digital environments used by all the stakeholders in Moselle's digital and educational ecosystem.

Federating Moselle's digital education ecosystem

As a catalyst for the Fus@é programme and the services offered by the Moselle département, the Moselle Éducation platform has a number of objectives:

To offer the Moselle department's range of services to local secondary schools and schools via a single channel.
To facilitate exchanges between players in the education sector and create a special link with the members of the FUS@E consortium (orders, supplier/buyer link, monitoring of operations, teleservices for subsidies, etc.).

The Moselle department, a Jalios customer since 2013, has designed an entire ecosystem of innovative technical and functional solutions around the Jalios solution. With the solution offering guarantees in terms of operation, and great potential for scalability and interoperability, the local authority has chosen Jalios to support it in this structuring and innovative venture aimed at building a seamless user experience, whatever the user's profile.

Régis Bigarel, Deputy Director of Digitisation and Information Systems & Head of the Digitisation Sub-Directorate

An aggregation of services within a federating portal

The Moselle Éducation platform provides a gateway for all those involved in education to all the content and solutions used in school teaching:

Access to Digital Work Environments for primary and secondary schools, to the group of orders, to the Fus@é subsidy scheme, access to the Guichet Unique, to the Department's collaborative platform, to videoconferencing services, to relevant performance indicators for steering the Plan Numérique Collège (PNC) and access to support guides, newsletters and centralised EDMs.

This is full, effective and sustainable collaboration between all the players in the region's educational digital ecosystem.

The Moselle Éducation platform makes it easy to monitor, control and maintain equipment, and provides support for sound administrative and financial management.

In addition to the Moselle Éducation platform, the Department also has a whole ecosystem powered by Jalios :


 prismoA Digital Workplace that promotes collaboration and supports the digitisation of practices.

The Prismo platform enables the department's employees to collaborate on cross-functional issues via more than 200 collaborative spaces (project, community or departmental), some of which are open to external users.

Other functionalities, such as a mobile version, e-learning, departmental EDMs, parapheurs, dedicated applications, a press review, a job exchange, knowledge bases, a newsletter, project management and much more, enable the department's employees to be more efficient on a daily basis, all within a user-friendly environment and a shared technical ecosystem.



e learning moselle  E-learning, an integral part of the digitisation of digital and professional knowledge.

Integrated into the Prismo collaborative platform and supporting digital mediation, this e-learning platform currently includes 480 skills.

It enables core business skills to be trained, recorded and archived
and the knowledge that is essential in digital matters for everyone to be able to carry out their tasks effectively in a framework of trust.




visuels page ref client JCOM

The decision to equip its external websites with the Jalios solution.

The Moselle department is using the Jalios solution to power its corporate site and several themed sub-sites.

Eventually, all the local authority's sites (more than a dozen) will be powered by JPlatform.

It should be noted that benefits from the interoperability of Jalios components, with interconnection for certain types of content being carried out dynamically from the Digital Workplace.







An interconnected EDM for large volumes of documents.

The Department's collaborative EDM integrates several high-volume thematic EDMs, interconnected with the local authority's core applications.

It shares the same user-friendliness as Prismo's integrated collaborative workspaces and departmental EDMs.




plateforme applicative moselle

Accessible, interoperable everyday and business tools.

This platform integrates applications of various kinds, for cross-functional use
(e.g. resource reservation) and business applications (e.g. on-call duty management, Eduweb for education professionals).



These applications share the general usability of the Jalios platforms (consistency with Prismo, the collaborative EDM and Moselle Éducation). They offer the potential for interoperability in the same way as other environments (Eduweb with Moselle Éducation, for example). Access is either via the home page of this platform, or directly from Prismo thanks to the identity federation mechanism used for Jalios environments in the Moselle department.

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