Towards a unified digital ecosystem

Towards a unified digital ecosystem. One might think that this is a computer scientist's dream, but it is a real trend in digital transformation projects, because the challenge is often to "break silos", whether they are organizational or applicative.

In any case, this is the theme we have chosen to highlight at one of the two round tables to be held at the Digital Workplace Summit on 12 November.


Through 3 customer experience feedbacks, we will see what can be hidden behind a "unified digital ecosystem". To what extent can a digital ecosystem be unified? How do we do this? What is the link with the Digital Workplace? And for what benefits? 3 testimonies that will be rich in teaching in 3 different project contexts, both in terms of the size of the organizations and their business and sector of activity.


In this session, we will have the pleasure of welcoming:

  • Mr. David GROSPERRIN, Head of Information Systems Department, and, Lucie LOUVET, Communication Manager, Habitat 25
  • Mr. Abdelhay TOUDMA, Chief Information Officer, Arendt
  • Mr. Philippe JAUNAIS, Project Manager Digital Work Environment, Caisse des Dépôts Group

Housing 25

Habitat 25 is the public housing office of the Doubs department. Both social landlord and project owner, its 216 employees manage nearly 10,000 housing units. Habitat 25 has put sustainable development at the heart of its strategy since 2017 with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. How does the new Intranet, opened in early 2019, fit into this approach?



Arendt is a business law firm based in Luxembourg, with more than 700 employees and organised around 5 different entities. Arendt's strategy is to offer a wide range of integrated services under a single brand to support its customers from start to finish. How did this integrated vision translate into the deployment of their new intranet, website and soon perhaps their new extranet?


Caisse des Dépôts Group (CDC)

The CDC is a public financial institution whose mission is long-term investment in the general interest and the development of the economic development of the territories. In 2018, it acquired the NEXT platform to offer a New Work Experience to its internal employees, but also to its external employees and partners. How does NEXT contribute to unifying the digital ecosystem at the CDC?


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