Promoting the deployment of digital uses in your company: what to do in 2020?

At DWS 2019, Arctus, an expert consulting firm in digital transformation, will propose a tour de piste of the actions to be deployed next year to boost your internal digital transformation!

According to the Intranet & Digital Working 2019 Observatory published by Arctus, more than 90% of companies have initiated the deployment of digital tools internally. These tools are accompanied by new digital uses: collaborative work, knowledge sharing, information and innovation management, etc. However, a majority of organizations are still confronted with limited appropriation of the tools and a laborious deployment of these uses.

Is that your case? There are solutions!


Know the digital maturity level of employees

To be successful, any digital project must start with an audit of the existing technical environment, coupled with a study of the digital maturity of the target audiences. Knowing where you come from and where you are, to better convey change.

The historical tools of this feedback (qualitative interviews or online surveys) are nowadays more advanced and completed by group animation


Selecting the right tools to accelerate adoption

It is undoubtedly in the field of tools and interfaces that the most innovations are most numerous. Your 2020 priority is to bring new functionalities to your Intranet portal, collaborative platform, internal social network or business tools? An informed choice, taking into account infrastructure requirements and integrating the expected user experience can be a real accelerator of your employees' digital uses!

Overlay (already deployed in 30% of organizations according to the Arctus Observatory) or Digital Workplace solutions, massive deployment of chat'ops, multiplication of interface possibilities, etc. There are many solutions to simplify the experience and boost usage.


Accompanying change in an appropriate way

Awareness-raising, Communication, Training and Professionalization are the key to supporting new uses. Each change management project must also be adapted to the target audiences, the culture of the organization, the tools and practices already deployed.

Here too, while the basic change management actions are already well implemented overall (download the results of our flash survey to get to know them), there are still some very promising new initiatives to be systematized (coaching, reverse mentoring, e-learning, gamification, etc.).

And after 2020? The trend is one of technological developments linked to the development of the uses of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. It is now possible to imagine users guided by sculpins and using self-learning systems powered by AI algorithms on a daily basis. And to ensure a sufficient level of mastery, neuroscience will be integrated into the design of training tools to adapt them to the learners' personal characteristics.


Arctus, an expert consulting firm in digital transformation, invites you to meet us at
DWS 2019 to present its work on this theme.

To enrich the knowledge base on collaborative spaces, we invite you to answer, in the meantime and until October 15, to our new Flash survey! This 3rd edition is dedicated to the use and perception of collaborative spaces.


enquête flash-Arctus

Feel free to answer!

We will give first results during our workshop at DWS 2019.


Arctus is a consulting company that actively monitors digital and collaborative uses. It supports its clients in their strategy and the deployment of their Intranet, CSR, community projects, etc.


Thomas Millard



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