Co-publish online on all your documents directly from your Digital Workplace

Jalios JPlatform 10 - OnlyOffice

Your company has chosen the OnlyOffice office suite?

Whether with the community version (free up to 20 users) or enterprise version (paid license), on-premise self-hosted or cloud-hosted, the OnlyOffice module from Jalios allows you to use this complete office suite to edit and especially co-publish your documents online directly from your Jalios Digital Workplace.

Jalios JPlatform - Coédition avec OnlyOffice - PPT


What does this module offer?

With the OnlyOffice module, your office documents on JPlatform have a co-publishing button. This opens the OnlyOffice interface and allows you to:

  • Online co-publishing with other members, guests or externals
  • Support for text (doc), spreadsheet (xls) and presentation (ppt) formats
  • The sending of invitations to co-edit
  • Full screen mode
  • Major / minor versions
  • The management of the user rights of the OnlyOffice module
  • MS Office compatibility

This module also offers a service that, in conjunction with the PDF conversion module, allows you to convert JPlatform documents with OnlyOffice's conversion engine.

What our customers like

The simplicity of use

With Jalios' viewer, I can already easily check that I have the right document in front of me. The OnlyOffice co-publishing button is easy to access and I don't have to leave my digital workplace to start working on the document with my colleagues. OnlyOffice is perfectly integrated into my Digital Workplace.

JPlatform - Module OnlyOffice

The choice of the office automation suite

Today, I use OnlyOffice in my company, because the pricing is advantageous and I appreciate the interface and features of the OnlyOffice suite. Previously, I used to use Microsoft Office Online and I didn't have to change my work habits in my digital workplace: we remain just as efficient at collaborating on documents regardless of the office suite chosen.


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