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Do you receive by email the incoming requests from your suppliers/customers and these require the involvement of several people within the company?
Save time by importing them directly into your Digital Workplace and processing them with JPlatform's collaborative, social and productivity features.

  • A sales representative who receives a signed order form by email can import and archive it directly into JPlatform without having to download it.
  • A purchasing manager who receives a quotation by email can create a task in the Digital Workplace and assign it to a member of his team to analyze it. 

Jalios JPlatform - JMail


Integrate messaging into the Jalios Digital Workplace

The JMail module allows you to integrate messaging into the Jalios Digital Workplace.

It supports the most common email providers on the market, thanks to Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Zimbra and Lotus Notes connectors. Other connectors can be developed specifically for this purpose.

Key features and functions

  • Display the number of new emails received
  • Check the content of an email and its attachments without going to your email
  • Navigate between emails (next and previous button)
  • Follow the email
  • Trigger actions on emails (mark as read/unread, follow, mark as undesirable, archive, delete)
  • Add an email to your task list
  • Open the mail in the mailbox
  • Open the mailbox 

Sharing and socializing mail

Import attachments for processing in JPlatform (filing, workflow, processing with JCapture, co-publishing, process integration)
As content, the mail can be commented, shared, liked 


The user can:

  • Switch from one messaging service to another (example: MS Exchange to Office 365)
  • Choose whether or not to display the unread email counter
  • Choose to synchronize only the inbox, or with subfolders or all folders
  • Choose the message sorting mode
  • Choose to display the images or not
  • Open the mail in the browser or on the workstation

What our customers like

Freedom of choice of supplier

The JMail module is based on Jalios' JServices architecture with the following advantages:

Our customers have the choice of email provider (Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Zimbra, etc.)
This architecture manages cases where several different messaging systems are used in the company (this is often the case in companies that have made acquisitions).

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The user experience 

The following and previous buttons allow you to quickly browse emails
E-mails marked as read disappear from the list but are not deleted on the mail server
List the email attachments and possibly import them. The user chooses in which space to import the documents.


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