Digital transformation is carried out via the Intranet

It's a conviction! And also a rather disappointing observation, because it is often difficult to measure the digital transformation of an organization to its Intranet.

When we talk about digital transformation....

The company's ambition is great: to generate new revenues, change business models, attract, retain, rethink the customer and employee experience, increase its offer, be more efficient and agile, innovate, open up...
This ambition deserves to be actively shared by employees to give meaning, co-construct solutions, engage stakeholders, prepare and support future changes.

How can a platform support transformations?

The Intranet is the company's collective tool, accessible to everyone (in theory).
Through its content, it is a concrete support and a lever for communication, collaboration, capitalization and socialization through its functionalities.
It capitalizes, facilitates and symbolizes through its activity. Three valuable objectives in any transformation.

It remains to make good use of this technology.
In the age of the Digital Workplace, design is centred on people: simplicity, personalization, collective efficiency.
Let's imagine some questions from a rather knowledgeable employee in a company undergoing digital transformation:

  • Why do we have to "transform" ourselves? To go where? How are we going to do that? What impacts, benefits for my daily life, my management and my colleagues?
  • I hear about terms like Customer Experience, Data, AI.... What does that mean for us, for me? Should I be trained?
  • How will agility make my daily life easier? Will the organization change?
  • Will my work tools be improved? Can we reduce the number of applications, paper, emails?
  • If I have ideas or questions, how can I contribute?
  • Where are we today? Has our offer changed? Are our customers more satisfied? What is the next step?

Digital Workplace Summit - Transformation digitale et intranet - ASI


It's up to you to measure yourself. Is your Intranet "Transformation Digital Ready"?

  • Are the vision, strategy, projects, indicators available on your Intranet? updated?
  • Is the customer's voice perceptible? and that of the employees?
  • Do you share studies, work on improving supply and processes? and innovation axes?
  • Have you replaced email exchanges and shared directories?
  • Do you know if your employees are involved in this transformation?


If you have at least 4 "yes", well done, would you like to share your experience? If you have 3 "yes" or less, do you take some advice?

Nicolas Georgeault
Director of Supply and Innovation

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