How an application launcher can make your work easier

Every day, employees have to use many applications. To facilitate their access, favorites are multiplied in the browser or shortcuts on the desktop.
In recent years, the Digital Workplace or the intranet have been considered the best places to centralize these accesses. This is why there is often a "tools" area, the application launcher, which contains links to them.


The Jalios application launcher

Jalios introduced the application launcher in version 10 of JPlatform

In this menu, the user finds applications internal to JPlatform, its tasks, its requests, its calendar... But also to external applications, business applications, webmail... and recently its Office 365 applications


From its launch, Jalios had chosen an ergonomics close to that of smartphones. The applications were represented by icons. The user had two sections: the first, directly accessible, in which the user had his favorite applications. The second was unfoldable and the user could find all the other applications to which he had access. 

Following the success of this functionality and the growing number of applications used in companies, JPlatform's application launcher has been redesigned to offer even greater simplicity and ergonomics to the user.

Customizable tabs and applications

The tabs now allow you to group all your applications by theme.

By clicking on the "+" button, the user can add a tab. By selecting it, it moves it and clicking on the arrow, renames it or deletes it.

A colored dot appears on each tab with applications that have a notification badge.


Applications are as easy to manage as tabs. 

Simply select an application to move or delete it in the recycle bin at the bottom.

The same application can be added in different tabs or moved from one tab to another always by a simple drag and drop on the tab.

To add an application to one of its tabs, click on the "+" icon and choose "Add an application". The list of applications appears. Each application is presented with its icon, name and a short description.


Jalios JPlatform - Ajout d'une application

The search for an application is based on the name, description and keywords of the application.

Those already present in the launcher appear with a green tick on the right.

To add an application, simply click on the "+" icon and choose the tab in which you want to add it.

 A catalogue of applications

The application catalogue allows me to navigate through all the applications present.

To open the application catalog, click on the "+" icon as if to add an application and then on the link at the bottom of the launcher.

The application catalogue allows you to search, browse by theme, test applications, add them to your launcher and, depending on your rights, add or modify existing ones.

catalogue application jalios-EN 

Facilitate the integration of a new employee

When a new entrant first opens the application launcher, it is pre-configured (tabs and applications) according to the department to which it belongs.

He can then modify this configuration according to his needs: add, move and delete tabs and applications.

Your Office 365 services from the app launcher 

Jalios is finely integrated with Office 365 components: Office suite, Exchange / Outlook email, Skype For Business instant messaging, Sharepoint document management, but also Outlook/Exchange calendar, Yammer, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive or OneNote. 

You can find all your Office 365 applications in your application launcher.

Jalios JPlatform - Lanceur d'application Office 365


To go further 

This new application launcher will be available as standard for our customers in the fall.
If you are a Jalios customer and would like to preview our new launcher:

RDV in the dedicated JLab on Jalios Community

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