Webinar Blended Learning

Blended Learning: how to combine human and e-learning to enhance learning

In the field of vocational training as elsewhere, there is no doubt that digital is everywhere and that its share is growing. But even in the most advanced companies in its deployment, there is a strong return of the HUMAN in training systems. 

By allowing to mix intelligently in the same path, increased classroom sessions, e-learning, live remote animated sessions and social learning, blended learning is adopted by a growing proportion of companies and organizations.

Whether you are digitizing your classroom training or still struggling with a low commitment rate for your e-learning training, this webinar can provide you with some answers.


Come and discover:

  • The advantages you can gain by promoting Blended Learning.
  • What are the scenarios in which these mixed systems will offer their full potential?
  • Which learning formats and blended learning arrangements should you focus on to increase efficiency and control your training budgets.
  • How Social Learning will promote employee engagement throughout your training paths.
  • How you can deploy all this through a single platform to increase agility and optimize your management efforts.

Practical information:

  • When? Tuesday, 24st  May from 11:15 to 12:15 (French time)
  • Hardware? No software installation is required
  • You will receive by email all the practical information to follow the webinar.

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