A new simple and ergonomic application launcher

You may know me as "Jasmine de Jalios" through our communications. Well yes I really exist, I am Jasmine, Marketing and Communication Director at Jalios and I wanted to tell you about my experience using our new application launcher.

On the Jalios intranet, no less than 114 internal and external applications are available in the catalogue to help us work on a daily basis! 114 is a lot. The same is true for our customers using Jalios JPlatform. This massive use was not without its difficulties of understanding (but what does this icon represent?!?), research or even creation... We have therefore chosen to rethink our application launcher, whose key words are simplicity of use and ergonomics.

The tabs

the simplicity is first of all found in the tabs that allow me to group all my applications by theme.

By clicking on the "+" button, I can add a tab. By selecting it, I can move it and click on the arrow, rename it or delete it.

A colored dot appears on each tab with applications that have a notification badge.

A video will be more meaningful :


For my own part, I opted for a first tab that brings together "My apps" from everyday life, the ones I use regularly. Everyone is free to name the tabs as they wish.

Jalios JPlatform - Lanceur d'applications - capture


Applications are as easy to manage as tabs. 
I select an application to move or delete it in the recycle bin at the bottom.

The same application can be added in different tabs or moved from one tab to another always by a simple drag and drop on the tab.

To add an application to one of my tabs, I click on the "+" icon and choose "Add an application". The list of applications appears. Each application is presented with its icon, name and a short description.

Jalios JPlatform - Ajout application


I can also search for an application by typing text. The search is done on the name, description and keywords of the application.

Those that are already present in my launcher appear with a green tick on the right.

To add an application, I simply click on the "+" icon and choose the tab in which I want to add it.

Another video to illustrate my comments:

The application catalogue

The application catalogue allows me to navigate through all the applications present.

To open the application catalog, I click on the "+" icon as if to add an application and click on the link at the bottom of the launcher.

In the application catalog, I can search, browse by theme, test applications, add them to my launcher and, if I have the rights, add or modify existing ones.

Facilitate the integration of a new employee

At Jalios, each manager thought about the default launcher for his department.

Thus, each new employee finds upon arrival a pre-configured launcher (tabs and applications) according to the department to which he belongs. For marketing, for example, I created a "Digital" tab in which my employees can find external applications for digital communication, a "Images" tab with several image banks but also an "HR" tab with the application of our mutual insurance company. Not to mention the application of the Knowledge catalogue to quickly find all the paths, knowledge and training.


To go further

This new application launcher will be available as standard for our customers in the fall.
If you are a Jalios customer and would like to preview our new launcher:

RDV in the dedicated JLab on Jalios Community

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