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Le Chesnay, July 5, 2019 - Jalios, the leading provider of communication and collaboration solutions (Digital Workplace, collaborative and social intranet, social network, extranet, digital learning, collaborative platform), presents its vision of Digital Workplace with Jalios JPlatform integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

On the way to the Digital Workplace 

Jalios natively offers a wide range of communication, collaboration, individual and collective efficiency and knowledge management features. Jalios JPlatform also works with third-party solutions such as Google and Open Source. As such, Jalios could be wrongly considered as a competitor of Microsoft. 
Indeed, Jalios JPlatform is finely integrated with Office 365 components: Office suite, Exchange / Outlook email, Skype For Business instant messaging, Sharepoint document management. Now Jalios integrates new components: Outlook/Exchange calendar, Yammer, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive, OneNote... Whatever the use of Office 365, Jalios JPlatform provides the necessary elements to build its Digital Workplace.

Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace goes beyond the Intranet, document sharing, email and corporate social network. Jalios defines the Digital Workplace as the digital environment where each employee has daily access, according to their roles, to information, people, applications and knowledge to work together effectively. It helps organizations to be more communicative, collaborative, effective and learning.


Different uses of Office 365 for different organizations

1) All Office 365 services are used

Jalios JPlatform makes it possible to build a collaborative and social communication Intranet that offers a coherent vision, guides users and gives them access to the various tools: Office 365 and other tools. Jalios offers a social Intranet with a homogeneous approach to "socializing" applications and services.
 Jalios JPlatform is not a simple overlay and provides additional features. For example, the Digital Learning module manages the collection and dissemination of knowledge, including knowledge about IT tools and processes used...

2) Some of Office 365's services are used

Only some of the Office 365 tools, adapted to your needs, are used. Jalios JPlatform then brings a freedom of choice.
For example, Office 365's office suite is used in an organization whose employees use a different EDM than Sharepoint. Jalios JPlatform offers an Intranet that integrates perfectly with the Office office suite and connects to many third-party EDMs.
Jalios offers its own functionalities that today meet users' expectations: collaborative task management, simple business processes, collaborative monitoring, knowledge management... 

Jalios also provides access to high-performance third-party services. Thanks to a service abstraction concept, the organization can choose the supplier of each service and can change it: office suite, electronic messaging, calendar, document management, search, multi-faceted, authentication, instant communication, machine translation, map service, task management, collaborative spaces, drive...

Jalios JPlatform - Services


3) Users struggle to appropriate Office 365

Utilisateurs Jalios JPlatform

 Office 365 is deployed in the organization but has not been as successful as expected. Of course, it is normal for this to take time and board members can help lead the change by mobilizing a network of ambassadors. But we must also ensure that users find the tools they need.
We are seeing the emergence of application silos: for the same role, employees must juggle with a growing number of tools. Jalios follows a user-oriented approach and provides dashboards that combine different tools and not just Office 365. The tools are thus contextualised, developing synergies between them and enabling users to be more efficient. 
For example, the organization can offer its employees personalized home pages with useful services according to their roles: company news, personalized news, information from the business tools used, HR services, communities, work groups...

Confidentiality of certain documents 


The organization's CDO or CISO may alert the project leader to the risks of confidentiality related to the Cloud for certain documents or exchanges.
It is true that the Cloud Act, passed in 2018, requires all US cloud service providers to provide, regardless of where they are hosted and without informing those concerned, all data requested by the courts, the police, or the US secret services. 
One solution is to encrypt documents but this leads to a loss of features including text search. Jalios escapes the Cloud Act and allows a mixed approach with some exchanges and documents in the cloud and others, more confidential, in Jalios JPlatform (on premise or in the data center of your choice).

Towards a coherent organization of your Digital Workplace

In conclusion, Jalios is much more than just an Office 365 overlay and allows you to benefit from well-integrated, third-party service solutions without any specific development.  With Jalios, organizations now have the features that are best suited to their needs: they are free to choose the provider of each service (Microsoft, Google, Jalios or other players, some of whom are open-source). Jalios is an extensible and open customizable platform that allows you to build a powerful Digital Workplace by focusing on the user experience.

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