Build your Digital Workplace on Office 365 with Jalios JPlatform

Build your Digital Workplace on Office 365 with Jalios JPlatform

No matter how you use Office 365, Jalios JPlatform is here to bring you the essential components for building your Digital Workplace and developing communication, collaboration, efficiency and knowledge management within your organisation.

As a Microsoft partner, Jalios supports the digital transformation of organizations relying on the Office 365 suite.

Towards the Digital Workplace

Towards the Digital Workplace

Jalios natively offers users a number of functionalities that enhance communication and collaboration, knowledge management as well as individual and collective efficiency. Jalios JPlatform also works with third-party solutions such as Google and Open Source, a fact which often leads to the misconception that it is a competitor of Microsoft.

On the contrary, Jalios JPlatform is tightly integrated with the main components of Office 365: the Office suite, the Exchange/Outlook email services, Skype For Business instant messenger, and the Sharepoint document manager. Jalios has now also integrated several new components, including the Outlook/Exchange calendar, Yammer, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive and OneNote. No matter how you use Office 365, Jalios JPlatform can offer you the essential components for building your Digital Workplace.

Jalios Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace goes above and beyond intranet, document sharing, email services and corporate social networks. Jalios defines the Digital Workplace as “a digital environment where every collaborator, within the scope of their role, has access every day to the information, people, applications and knowledge necessary for working together effectively.” It helps organisations to become more communicative, collaborative, effective and open to learning new things.

Are you using all Office 365 services?

Are you using all Office 365 services?

Jalios JPlatform allows you to build a communicative, collaborative and social intranet that offers a coherent vision and guides users while giving them access to a variety of tools, including those of Office 365 as well as those already at your disposal. Jalios offers a social intranet, with an approach that “socialises“ applications and services across the board.

Jalios JPlatform is not just a simple overlay; it also offers a number of its own additional features. For example, its Digital Learning module manages the collection and distribution of knowledge, especially pertaining to your IT tools and processes.

Are you only using some Office 365 services?

If you are only using the Office 365 tools that are suited to you, Jalios JPlatform can offer you a greater freedom of choice.

For example: say you are using the Office 365 Office suite, but your collaborators are using a different EDMS than Sharepoint. Jalios JPlatform can provide you with an intranet that integrates perfectly to your Office suite and connects to a wide range of third-party EDMS tools.

Jalios offers several features that can answer more effectively to your users’ current expectations, including management of collaborative tasks, simple business processes, collaborative intelligence and knowledge management.

Jalios also provides access to high-quality third-party services. Its service abstraction enables you to choose a provider for each service you require. From there, you can also change it to be it an Office suite, an email service, a calendar, a document manager, a search tool, a multi-faceted service, an authentication tool, an instant messenger, a machine translation service, maps, a task manager, collaborative spaces or a drive.

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Are your users struggling to adapt to Office 365?

Are your users struggling to adapt to Office 365?

So, you have deployed Office 365 in your organisation, but it has not gone as well as you had expected. Of course, it’s normal for these things to take time, and the Board can help you to drive the change by mobilising a network of ambassadors. However, you must also make sure that the tools offered are adapted to your users’ expectations.

Application silos can appear: staff could be juggling with an increasing number of tools to perform the same tasks as they did before. Jalios follows a user-oriented approach and provides dashboards that combine different tools, not just Office 365). The tools can therefore be contextualised; synergies can be developed for their use and your users can be more effective in their work.

For example, you could offer your collaborators personalised homepages, which would provide useful services tailored to their roles such as corporate news, personalised news, information roundups from the business tools they use, HR services, communities or working groups.

Are you worried about the confidentiality of certain documents?

Does your CDO or ISSO keep alerting you about confidentiality risks posed by storing some documents or conversations in the cloud?

computing-cloudNot only does Jalios JPlatform offer finely tuned rights management; it is also immune to the Cloud Act passed in 2018, which orders all American cloud service providers to deliver any and all data requested by the courts, the police, or the US secret services without informing those concerned and regardless of location.

Jalios JPlatform allows you to keep some documents in a confidential storage space (either on premise or in a data centre of your choice), even if you choose to store others in the cloud.

Towards a clear organisation of your Digital Workforce

To conclude, Jalios is much more than just a layer on top of Office 365. It allows users to benefit from well-integrated third-party solutions while avoiding specific developments. Jalios lets you immediately experience the functionalities best suited to your needs, and you are free to choose each service provider (be it Microsoft, Google, Jalios or a third party). Jalios is an extensible and open configurable platform that allows you to build a powerful Digital Workplace by focusing on the user experience.


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