A new user experience in document management on JPlatform

Gestion de documents JPlatform


Jalios teams are constantly working on the evolution of JPlatform and its functionalities. This week we are talking about the document explorer for which we have modernized the interface, simplified the ergonomics and enhanced the functionalities.


A simple and modern interface

As announced at the end of the year when we released version 10, JPlatform is now an application aggregator. These applications have a more modern and simple view, as previously presented in other posts on JProcess, classified ads or JReading. The document explorer now uses this modern interface.

Interface simple et moderne

Overview of the document explorer (in map view)


New functionalities

The new version of the explorer provides many features :

  • Drag and drop" between the different files
  • Add your documents by "dragging and dropping" from your computer
  • Contextual menus to act on files and documents
  • The choice between a map view and a list view
  • Improved performance
  • A display of the document in a side panel to preserve the context
  • Multi-selection for mass processing / drag and drop
  • The recommendation of a file 

fonctionalité JPlatform

 Recommending a category from the document explorer

It also offers many overload options or modifications such as : 

  • The ability to modify contextual actions
  • Adding tabs to the side panel


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