Jalios JPlatform catalogue of uses

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the catalogue of uses. Consisting of the first 12 guides, it is updated over time by the Jalios teams and on the basis of your contributions. 

Jalios et ses 4 familles d usages

The history of the project

The idea of sharing a catalogue of uses is not new. Announced at the last JClub, Olivier Dedieu, our Technical Director and co-founder of Jalios, had revealed his vision a few months earlier. 


olivier dedieu I would like us to provide many usage sheets, in a "kitchen recipe" way, in a simple, clear and structured format... with guided operating procedures... in the long term we could consider integrating some guides into the product! And also tutorials by the community to enrich the catalogue of feedback from our user customers.

Why a catalogue of uses?

  • To give you the idea of uses you didn't think about
  • So that you can be guided to implement these uses
  • So that you can use it as a guide for your users
  • To enrich our thinking: this catalogue will be updated by Jalios and its ecosystem (partners and user customers)

The Digital Workplace: 4 main families of uses


This family includes communication / information dissemination uses. Often the legacy of a previous communication Intranet.

communication - diffuser une alerte communication - organiser un evenement externe communication - partager une vision



This family includes the uses that allow collaboration to be organized in a structured way within workspaces.

collaboration - animer des espaces collaboration - creer gerer espaces collaboration - partager des documents



This family includes the uses of capitalization, collection and dissemination of knowledge. This includes the use of socialization of knowledge or "Social learning".

connaissance - bien nommer documents connaissance - veille collaborative connaissance - partager un savoir



This family includes uses dedicated to the search for efficiency and practicality in everyday life.

efficacite - gerer reunions periodiques efficacite - planifier gerer une reunion efficacite - traiter des demandes internes


The beginning of a great adventure....

For this first delivery, 12 guides are proposed to you to launch the dynamic!

This selection cannot be exhaustive of all the uses of a Digital Workplace. We have already listed about a hundred of them. This catalogue is therefore updated over time and taking into account your feedback.

Your participation is therefore essential!

To contribute to the updates, we invite you to provide feedback in the comments associated with each guide.  

For suggestions for new guides or on the catalogue in general, use the "Conversations" service.


Good to know!

 To navigate through the catalogue, you can use the filters by "Family of uses".

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