JNews, your company's newspaper

Product zoom: JNews, your company's news wall 

We invite you to discover a new feature of JPlatform: the JNews module.

JNews is both an application and a portlet displaying content (articles, blog posts,...) in log mode, with a dynamic layout according to the characteristics specific to the content (visual, proportion of visual, length of titles and texts,...).

In your Digital Worplace, intranet or collaborative platform, you benefit from a dynamic editorial space that includes news presented in the form of a wall of articles presented in map form, with an automatic layout.

Editorial managers can put content on the front page with a single click.

JNews can also offer thematic sections that filter content.

JNews can also be used as a service in a collaborative space.

Module JNews



The benefits of implementing this module on your platform are many, for readers, contributors but also for administrators.

For the reader who needs to consult articles of various kinds:

  • It has a dynamic application, presenting the contents in an optimal, structured and ergonomic way (the application is responsive)
  • He benefits from the articles that interest him, according to filters (thematic, on the front page, date, etc.)
  • He can subscribe to themes in order to stay informed of articles related to them
  • The reading time can be displayed on each article
  • He can add to his reading list the articles he wants to read later



For the contributor who regularly publishes articles:

  • It adds items quickly from the application
  • It easily combines articles with themes
  • This saves time in designing balanced and dynamic pages for the reader

For the editorial manager:

  • He has a right to place articles on the "Headlines
  • It provides an overview of the collection of published articles
  • It can simply make settings related to the layout

The JNews module, compatible with JPlatform 10 SP1, is available for our customers to download from our Jalios Community website.

To learn more about JNews

 For more information, contact us

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