Klee Group, a long-standing partner of Jalios since 2002

Klee Group has been a long-standing partner of Jalios since 2002 for many reasons:

  • It is an on-premise solution, "that allows you to control your data in the madness of all the cloud solutions that exist on the market" notes Jérémy Peytevin, Head of Klee Interactive (editor's note: Klee Group's digital agency).
  • It allows specific developments to be made and to be easily connected to their customers' information systems, to enrich solutions, develop specific interfaces or business lines
  • It is a 100% French solution that "has a good knowledge of the problems of French companies".
  • The geographical proximity that allows a very strong human relationship

"We must give each employee in organizations the meaning of their work and it is with a tool like Jalios that we will be able to provide news, information and really make people happy with their daily work," he adds.


*It is possible to display the english subtitles in the video settings.

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