Sales staff work made easier thanks to the documentary database

Estelle QUENCEZ, Digital Marketing Platform Manager "Link'Co" at SFR Business introduces us to Link'Co, the collaborative documentary database based on Jalios' JPlatform solution.

Wishing to modernize an aging document platform and bring more collaboration and responsiveness to it, SFR Business chose Jalios' JPlatform solution, accompanied by its partner, ASI.

The new platform called Link'Co (for commercial and collaborative link) strengthens links by offering much more interactivity between contributors (operational marketing) and users (sales teams). The work of the sales teams is facilitated by a single platform for all their daily uses.

Sales representatives access an up-to-date catalogue of more than 5000 indexed documents, directly from the search engine, allowing them to easily find the information to answer a customer before going to an appointment or to respond to a call for tenders.


"In our strategy, we wanted to develop our training platform, which is also aging. We have therefore recently decided to capitalize on our Link'Co platform and integrate a training module (editor's note: JLearning). Thus, our sales representatives not only recover all their sales kits to go to customers but they can also be trained upstream on all our offers, so they are on a single platform for all their daily uses," comments Estelle Quencez.


*It is possible to display the english subtitles in the video settings

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