Sell and buy to your colleagues thanks to the classified ads module

Juliette, communication manager, organizes a hasty move, she only has two days to make her studio empty and get rid of her extremely cumbersome mezzanine.

She first thinks of online reseller sites, then realizes that she also has the opportunity to exploit the community of 500 people in her company, using the classified ads module of her collaborative platform.

Juliette then launched into the publication of her ad.

It accesses in two clicks the classified ads thanks to the application launcher on the right of its topbar.

Module petite annonce


 To be able to draw inspiration from her colleagues' previous publications, Juliette start by browsing the application. She discovers the possibility of sorting by date, category or filter such as price. Once a category is randomly selected, it plays with the price filter to see what it appears. She comes across her colleague Kevin's car ad.


Module petite annonce. 

She accesses the description of the ad filled in by the seller, but also a map that locates the product, with the possibility of contacting her colleague thanks to the button located under her profile.
After that Juliette decides to publish her ad.


Module petite annonce..


 She then fills in the mandatory fields: title, description, type, category and selects her ad as an offer. She ends up giving her address and uploading her images, before saving her publication.


Module petite annonce ... 

It's online ! A few hours after the publication of her ad, Juliette receives a message via the webchat from her colleague Paul who is interested in her offer, after having seen her on the home page her intranet. 


Module petitte annonce .... 

They discuss via instant messaging their Social Intranet, the payment method and the date of recovery of the mezzanine.

Once the exchange is concluded, Juliette passes the status of the ad to "sold", but still has access to it in the category "my published ads".

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