Manage your maintenance tickets easily with the new Redmine module

Redmine is a project management application. It is a web application, free and open source practical for bug management, project acceptance or ticket management within the framework of a TMA, Third Party Application Maintenance (maintenance applied to software and provided by an external provider).

This module, developed by our partner Majolan, integrates into JPlatform and allows users to access all their Redmine projects and tasks directly in a Jalios digital workplace.

Thus the connected user can:

  • Have an indicator on the number of requests it must process in Redmine
  • Monitor the progress of your Redmine tasks
  • Consult the projects on which he is an active member
  • Consult the tasks he has to handle
  • Have statistics on projects

After these presentations, a little technique! How does it work in practice?

The connection

The user must log in for Redmine data to be sent back.

Module Redmine 

The application launcher

Module Redmine.2

A Redmine application is accessible from the application launcher. The shortcut is created automatically when the module is started for the first time. 

The application reports the number of requests (tasks) with the statuses "in progress" and "New", assigned to the connected Jalios user.


The Redmine App's

L'apps Redmine 

From the application launcher, the user accesses two filters: 

  • My projects: list of projects in which the connected user is a member.
  • All projects: all projects of the redmine platform visible by the connected user. Access rights are managed by Redmine. 

He can choose between two display modes: 

  • On map: the display of one pie chart per project gives statistics by status. The pie chart is clickable and the click opens the project task list.
  • In list: projects are displayed in list format.

He can also access the task list of a project. A filter is possible on the status of requests. The link then opens the request directly in Redmine with silent authentication.

Adding a portlet on the home page

The "My Redmine Tasks" portlet (editor's note: a portlet is a computer application that can be placed in a web portal, for example your home page, which then serves as a container) is automatically created when the module is first started. Any connected user with a virtual desktop can add the portlet to it.

Many thanks to our partner Majolan for this module used by the Jalios Professional Services team !

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