The Digital Workplace experienced by our customers 2/3

In a first post dedicated to what the 2019 edition of the Digital Workplace show reveals, we highlighted 4 families of uses : communication, collaboration, knowledge capitalization and efficiency.

No less than 6 Jalios customers came to testify of their implementation and satisfaction during this 2019 exhibition. These testimonies reveal, on the one hand, a growing maturity and, on the other hand, a wide variety of approaches









Conseil Départemental du Pas-de-Calais

Testimony of Thierry Gourlain, Internal Communication Officer

He has perfectly embodied the transformation brought about by the internal communication business. The new Intranet has been designed from the outset as the foundation of the Digital Workplace, synonymous with the digital work environment. Particular attention has been paid to the implementation of collaborative spaces, which are organized by typologies. Fun workshops to facilitate the adoption of the tool but also interactive tutorials allow the facilitators to bring their workspace to life.

Groupe Caisse des Dépôts 

Testimony of Philippe Jaunais, Project Director New Work Experience for Employees

Philippe Jaunais shared his vision of best practices for deploying a large scale Digital Workplace. The choice of an agile approach is reflected in the adoption of a deployment strategy punctuated by successive waves of integration via pilot communities. To reach all future users, Philippe reminds them of the importance of having ambassadors from all business lines, while involving all the company's stakeholders and functions. Their new collaborative work environment "NEXT" combines three universes: Information - Service package - Communities.


SFR Business 

Testimony of Estelle QUENCEZ, Operational Marketing Project Manager


The internal platform "Link'co", developed by the Operational Marketing Department, aims to serve as a link between the marketing and sales teams. Estelle Quencez attests that this knowledge base has become the essential tool for sales forces with nearly 4,000 users. Finally, "Link'co" has become a support for collaboration and communication thanks to its assets: easy access, including mobility; and a federation of expertise in more than 40 private collaborative spaces. Soon the new e-learning module will allow to manage the training of sales teams on the same platform.


Logilec E.Leclerc

Testimony of Elena HÉNAFF, Head of HR and Communication

Elena's testimony focuses on another aspect of the Digital Workplace: her ability to be agile. Currently at this major retailer, it provides access to all applications and information, document management and collaborative spaces. Among the main benefits highlighted, the implementation of a transversal collaborative space to access all information in real time, promotes the decompartmentalization of services.


CDC Habitat

Testimony of Georges berteloot, Web Development and Collaborative Manager

At the 1st lessor in France, it is interesting to note that the Digital Workplace was addressed by collaborative spaces, communication uses were then implemented. >> Video interview with Georges Bertheloot, Web Development and Collaborative Manager.



Testimony of Matthieu Galaup, Director of the Resources Department


 The Extranet use of the Digital Workplace is highlighted here. Matthieu Galaup says that its essential characteristic is to be open and accessible to their customers. While the Intranet was limited to an internal audience, the Digital Workplace extends to the company's ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners.




A project in progress?

Some of the main questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are the actors of the Digital Workplace and how do they approach it?
  • For which main uses?
  •  Who will be the internal users, all employees or have you identified specific business targets? And externally?
  • What benefits do you expect from it?

Jalios provides you with some resources to help you progress:

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And if you would like to know more, Do not hesitate to contact us!

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