What does the Digital Workplace trade show reveal? 1/3

What to remember about the 2019 edition of the Digital Workplace, intranet, mobility, collaboration and the CSR (Corporate Social Network) Trade Show...? Come on, we are counting on the organizers to shorten the name next year!


Digital Workplace, what are we really talking about?

We are entitled to ask ourselves: a marketing coup or a real novelty?
While the name of the Intranet trade show has changed this year, at Jalios we have been developing a vision of what the Digital Workplace is for almost 4 years. Many of the visitors took out their smartphones to get a picture of this slide… so for everyone who was absent, here again in brief the definition of the Digital Workplace according to Jalios:




The most important thing to remember about the Digital Workplace is that people bring along different needs. Thus, it goes far beyond email and office automation tools and includes business applications, intranet, knowledge management, collaborative workspaces, etc...

For many of our clients, if the concept is innovative in practice, it is often an evolution from an existing Intranet to a new collaborative working environment. It is also a question of positioning: the choice of an alternative word to this one can allow you to characterize a very broad approach or on the contrary to place the cursor on more precise uses. Thus, in the lexical field of the Digital Workplace there are terms such as "digital platform", "digital platform", "collaborative portal" but also "collaborative portal". But also designations on smaller domains: "collaborative spaces", "knowledge base", "internal social network"...


Switching from the Intranet to the Digital Workplace: what for?

The core of a Digital Workplace is organized according to the four main needs of employees:

4 uses of familie 


  • COMMUNICATION: making information accessible to everyone is one of the main challenges for organizations
  • COLLABORATION: simplify exchanges between people through the creation of collaborative spaces
  •  CAPITALIZATION: facilitate the transmission of knowledge through knowledge management and skills development
  • EFFICIENCY: increase productivity and convenience through the integration of your business applications 

Many benefits are within your reach !


A project in progress?

Some of the main questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are the actors of the Digital Workplace and how do they approach it?
  • For which main uses?
  •  Who will be the internal users, all employees or have you identified specific business targets? And externally?
  • What benefits do you expect from it?

Jalios provides you with some resources to help you progress:

chaier des charges anglais    tue guide digital wokplace     changement anglais

And if you would like to know more, Do not hesitate to contact us!

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