Alpes contrôles

Alpes contrôles

Collaborative Intranet

  • Independent supervisory body
  • With more than 500 employees and 37 M€ of turnover in 2017
  • In all three areas of activity, it operates throughout France as a Risk Prevention Specialist: construction roadworthiness test, site safety coordination, verification of building equipment and installations, real estate diagnosis, environment, etc.

A new intranet to improve employees' working conditions

To evolve in a dynamic of digitalization of its working environment, ALPES Controls has decided to create a new information and documentation portal to replace 4 aging intranets. A project implemented to address two major issues:

  • Facilitating access to information
  • Digitisation of documents

The company asked our partner ASI for the implementation of the new intranet with the Jalios JPlatform 10 solution.

A complete, modular and scalable solution

This new intranet allows Alpes Contrôles employees to be more efficient and have easier access to information. With the JPlatform 10 solution, the organization succeeds in:

  • Capitalize on its knowledge and documentation,
  • Improve the working conditions of all employees by limiting the use of e-mail,
  • Dematerialize paper administrative flows.  

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