Design your portals easily with JPortal

Do you want to easily design an intranet site? A collaborative portal or a website without going through your technical team, IT support or developers? Communication managers, HRD....JPortal is the functionality you need!

Integrated in JPlatform version 10 SP1, Jportal offers an interface that allows you to easily design your portals, via simple drag and drop, and live preview.

All the elements (blocks and portlets) of this portal can be customized directly from the interface. 

After creating your portal from your JPlatform platform, choose the number of columns of your portal.
From the component bank, define the location of your blocks and portlets (services).


Choose from a wide range of components and templates, define the location and layout of your blocks.


Always via a simple drag and drop, choose from the library the services of your portal: news, holidays, directory, members' activities, blog, knowledge catalogue, document explorer or FlashInfo.

The JPortal also offers a backup system that allows you to view and work on the design of your portal without publishing it. When it is ready, you can publish it so that it is visible to everyone. It is also possible to go back to an old version using the history function.


Discover in video the design of the JPortal

Even more videos on our Jalios Community website: come and discover JPortal!


Explore JPortal

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