Dynamic request forms with JProcess

Heads of department, assistants,... If you no longer want to track your users' requests by email or on paper, the JProcess Module is for you.

Create and make available the application forms you want.

For example:

  • Request for assistance for computer support;
  • Request for equipment renewal;
  • Declaration of a newcomer for the human resources department;
  • Request for hotel, plane and car rental reservations for assistants;

All this is done via a simple interface. The form can be created with a few clicks and by dragging and dropping questions.

jprocess 2 Form creation


Request tracking allows any manager and any requester to observe the status of requests in their dashboard.

jprocess 3  List of requests to be processed


Need a form? Create it in JProcess and benefit from the advantages of centralized management:

  • For the user: a centralized application to make a request and monitor their status;
  • For services:
    • make forms available
    • have a single application for managing the follow-up of requests and their processing;
    • manage requests with comments centrally and capitalize on exchanges.

jprocess 4

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