5 good practices to succeed in your collaborative project

Because in terms of collaboration, the tool does not do everything, here are the 5 commandments for a successful project:

Have support at the highest level of the organization.

With the support of a "hierarchical sponsor", it is much easier to anchor the project in the company's strategy and to disseminate good practices to all levels of the organization.


Define a progressive deployment plan.

It is recommended to make a pilot and start on a limited perimeter in order to test and test the solution. Once validated, it is therefore possible to extend it to a larger population, before opening it to all employees. However, it is important to plan test phases and to carry out this deployment at your own pace. It is also unnecessary to activate all the platform's functionalities from the outset, otherwise its use will be unnecessarily complicated and its adoption slowed down. Focus on uses rather than features.


Establish governance and a real structuring of content.

More and more organizations are wondering how they will be able to find aggregated content within their collaborative platform. Especially since generally, there is a minority of contributors and a majority of people who come to the platform in search of information. It is therefore important to anticipate this phase. And since the platform's search engine is not magical, it is necessary that the content is correctly indented. To do this, it is first necessary to name them correctly. The best way is for the contributor who submits a document to put himself in the place of the one who will then search for it.

Blog - 5 bonnes pratiques pour réussir son projet collaboratif


Guarantee the animation of the collaboration over the long term.

To do this, the tool must be erased in favour of the facilitators and the project manager. Indeed, it is necessary, a project manager capable of embodying the approach and federating around the platform. Then, for each collaborative space, a facilitator must be designated. The best solution is to create a pair capable of co-facilitating. Each one having particular skills, the animation inevitably gains in value and quality. It is this pair that will bring the collaborative space to life. To do this, he must of course master the uses of the platform, develop animation techniques, but also be a reference in the field concerned.


Use internal feedback to promote the merits of the tool.

The idea is to demonstrate by example. To do this, collaborative space facilitators can take advantage of a meeting with other departments to share their uses and the benefits they derive from the collaborative platform. Often, people only adhere to a project or tool if they precisely identify the benefits they will be able to derive from it. So there goes the classic com' plans! Dare a pragmatic approach based on concrete experiences.

Source: Article from our white paper "Why does the future of the company necessarily depend on the collaborative?" p21-22, July 2018, produced in partnership with Archimag.



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