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ContentSide is an ESN focused on digital information management. Its objective is to provide its clients with all its expertise in document management, editorial IT, electronic document management (EDM) and digital asset management (DAM) through several services: 

  • Audit - Consulting - Benchmark - Training
  • Product Owner - Project Management - AMOA
  • UX Design - Ergonomics
  • Information Systems Architecture
  • Custom development: Back Office, Web
  • Technology integration: MarkLogic, Antidot, Jalios, MongoDB, Angular, Oxygen,...

ContentSide is labelled: 

  • Inop's Certified Partner: after a rigorous selection process, ContentSide have obtained this label of excellence from the leading provider of IT services Inop's.
  • Expert in Document Management delivered by the independent organization ScoreFact after the audit of a client in 2017 and renewed in 2018.
  • Happy@work after the audit of ContentSide employees by the independent company ChoosemyCompany


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