Intranet or Digital Workplace, a matter of communication !

It is even doubly a matter of communication.

First of all, because communication is the major challenge of the intranet. With the Digital Workplace, communication remains an important issue, but there are also other issues of collaboration, productivity and knowledge capitalization.

Secondly, because talking about Intranet denotes a more continuous project approach, while talking about Digital Workplace denotes a more transformative and radical project approach. The choice of term is therefore a matter of comm, and the approach put forward will depend on the context of the project.

Whether it is in continuity with an Intranet redesign project or in transformation with a Digital Workplace project, all our customers will be able to testify to this: we are both in continuity and in change. Users must be able to find their little ones (my directory, my classified ads, the canteen menu, etc.) and must be supported in the new uses (training, change management, etc.). 

Intranet or Digital Workplace, it is ultimately more important to reflect the reality of the organization than to fight over terminology.  The key is to ensure the support of users and sponsors of the project. 

How did we come to this conclusion at Jalios?

The Intranet did not wait for the Digital Workplace

At Jalios, customers did not wait until the end of the Digital Workplace to implement elements of the Digital Workplace on their Intranet. If they were already addressing the need for communication, thanks to the product's content management features (CMS), JPlatform allowed them to be ahead of the curve and to address other needs very early on.

  • In terms of productivity: our customers have often integrated an application launcher into their Intranet to facilitate access to business applications; they have also used cross-functional research to find information quickly
  • In terms of collaboration: with networking features, profile sheets and collaborative spaces, our clients have given an important place in their Intranet to information exchanges and discussions, which contribute to the organization's social capital
  • In terms of capitalization: with features for document management, publication of guides and knowledge, but also collaborative FAQs, our clients have made their Intranet a real capitalization tool.

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Beyond these 3 challenges, we also note that if initially the Intranet meets the needs of the organization, in particular to federate, our customers want the Intranet to meet the needs of individuals to access what they need to work. This user-centered approach includes customizing the content displayed according to the user's profile or creating a virtual office that the user can organize as he or she wishes. The information is no longer experienced as the default page of the web browser, but the user comes to get the information he needs. This user-centred approach, in its daily life and in mobility, reconciles the individual and the organization.

Choose Jalios for your Intranet, because each Intranet is unique

The trend is what our customers are asking us for, and we see that the trend is indeed towards the Digital Workplace. With this term, new challenges related to digital transformation are addressed. And when it comes to transformation, any consultant will tell you: each organization goes at its own pace and according to its own culture. This cannot be decreed overnight. The same applies to your Intranet or Digital Workplace: analyse where you are and where you want to go in relation to the 4 issues (communication, collaboration, productivity, capitalization), dose your project accordingly and give it the most appropriate name.

Anticipate that your organization will change, and that if one issue is more important today, it may be another that will become strategic tomorrow. Accept the reality of the existing and integrate it into your project, both technically (integration into the IS) and humanely (digital maturity and project scope).

It is in this philosophy that Jalios develops JPlatform: to respond to the continuity of your needs with a durable and modular base to accompany these changes "seamlessly", to develop new uses that will expand the scope of your initial project. Your Intranet may then become a CSR, a collaborative Intranet, or a Collaboration Platform and then become a Knowledge Base or a Digital Workplace.


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