What is a Digital Workplace?

Intranets have evolved enormously in recent years. The simple static pages that presented articles and sometimes documents were first replaced by CMS (Content Management System) to boost content publishing. Then came the social and collaborative platforms, now known as the Digital Workplace. But is it just a marketing term?

The Digital Workplace by Jalios

As a publisher of a digital Workplace solution, we had to offer a definition that met our customers' expectations and represented our convictions:

Jalios JPlatform - Digital Workplace definition  

The digital Workplace is a working environment, like your physical office or meeting room, but in a digital dimension. Everyone likes to organize their office according to their habits and preferences. Moreover, the tools and constraints differ according to each professional sector, and to meet them, the digital workplace must adapt to the needs of organizations and not impose itself.

The Digital Workplace must be usable by all employees, even those who are not constantly in front of a screen or who do not have a workstation. It is also aimed at employees who are on the move.

Communication is an important part of the Digital Workplace. It is a challenge for organizations that want to involve their employees or federate around a vision. Information must be disseminated to the right people and must be easily visible. But it is also necessary to allow the dissemination of different types of information. For example, ephemeral information and permanent information.

In their daily work, employees use a sometimes very large number of applications. The Digital Workplace should provide quick but also easy access to it. For example with SSO solutions. But it is important that applications are integrated into the Digital Workplace by reporting indicators, information and alerts.

Finally, the Digital Workplace must be a daily tool for the employee. It must contain the information and tools it needs to be effective. But efficiency is not only personal. The Digital Workplace must provide tools to improve the efficiency of a team, such as task management, conversation tools, calendar tools... It is also necessary to support the effectiveness of the organization by offering tools for communication and transversal exchange, capitalization and knowledge sharing.


Digital Workplace, an improved collaborative intranet?

What is the difference with older intranets? The important element of the Digital Workplace is the user, it is user-centric and must be designed with the user's needs in mind. It is a cockpit in which he can perform all his tasks and information, without having to switch constantly from one environment to another.


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