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Co-edit online on all your documents directly from your Digital Workplace with the OnlyOffice!

Have you opted for the OnlyOffice office suite?

The OnlyOffice module offers you the possibility of editing and especially co-editing your documents online efficiently, thus transforming your office suite into a powerful collaborative tool serving your productivity, directly from your Digital Workplace!

With the OnlyOffice module, your office documents have a co-publishing button. This opens the OnlyOffice interface and thus allows:

  • Online co-publishing with other members, guests or external parties;
  • Support for text (doc), spreadsheet (xls) and presentation (ppt) formats;
  • Sending invitations to co-edit;
  • Full screen mode;
  • Major/minor versions;
  • Managing usage rights for the OnlyOffice module;
  • MS Office compatibility;
  • This module also offers a service which, in conjunction with the PDF conversion module, allows you to convert JPlatform documents with the OnlyOffice conversion engine.

What customers like

  • Ease of use

"With the Jalios viewer, I already easily check that I have the right document in front of me. The OnlyOffice co-editing button is easy to access and I don't have to leave my digital workplace to start working on the document with my colleagues. OnlyOffice is perfectly integrated into my Digital Workplace."

  • The choice of the office suite

"Today, I use OnlyOffice in my business because the pricing is good and I like the interface and features of the OnlyOffice suite. Previously, I used Microsoft's Office Online and didn't have to change my working habits in my digital workplace: we remain just as efficient in collaborating on documents, whatever the office suite chosen."