Greentech Forum 2023: The Digital Workplace, a natural way of integrating responsible digital technology into your teams' daily lives

Present at the GreenTech Forum for the 2nd year running, with its partner Klee interactive, Jalios led a workshop on the positive impact that the Digital Workplace can play in promoting responsible digital practices.

Here's a look back at the event and the workshop with the two speakers: Hoang-Anh Phan, Marketing and CSR Director at Jalios and Michel Dureau, Project Director at Klee Interactive.

Why is Jalios taking part in the GreenTech Forum ?

Hoang-Anh : We launched a Responsible Digital approach at Jalios in 2020, because we were aware of the contribution we could make as a software publisher to the ecological transition, particularly in terms of the environmental footprint of our users. On the one hand, there is the growing impact of digital technology, and on the other, the multiplier effect of our activity via our ecosystem of customers and partners.

With over 460 customer organisations and more than 2 million users, any action we take in the products and services we offer to limit the environmental impact of digital technology is potentially multiplied tenfold.

Our actions focus on 2 main areas. The first involves eco-design, with the aim of enabling our users to keep their equipment for longer by offering digital services that consume less power. The second involves promoting responsible digital practices.

We discovered the Greentech Forum via the Lucie agency, and we were already present there last year as part of its village. The Lucie agency operates the INR's Responsible Digital label, which Jalios also obtained last October. Taking part in this event every year is a way for us to reaffirm our commitment, and above all to meet other committed players to continue developing synergies, following the example of our long-standing partnership with Klee Group. It's also an opportunity to take the time to talk to our customers, some of whom are involved in initiatives linked to Responsible Digital Business.

Jalios au GreenTech Forum 2024


Klee Group has also been awarded the "Numérique Responsable" label. What is it and why Klee Group chose to undertake this label ?

Michel : Taking an interest in Responsible Digitisation in general and in this label in particular is a fundamental duty towards our customers, suppliers and partners, who are also concerned about protecting the planet, preserving biodiversity, preventing waste, contributing to carbon neutrality and, more generally, combating climate change. Aware of the footprint of our activities on the environment, Klee has turned to the NR label and is committed to implementing strategies that will enable us to change our purchasing policies, extend the lifespan of our equipment and adopt a responsible design approach for the digital services we offer our customers. The Responsible Digital label is a 3-year process of progress.

Our long-standing partner Jalios shares the same values, commitments and ambitions as we do in terms of a more responsible approach to our activities, so it seemed only natural that we should take this message to a trade fair dedicated to the subject.


Why do we need to bring the Digital Workplace and Responsible Digital Working together ? How does the DW enable the natural integration of NR into the day-to-day work of teams ?

Michel : The Digital Workplace is the preferred point of entry for employees to obtain information, services and access to their day-to-day tools. It is therefore the ideal medium for raising awareness of NR best practices and enabling them to implement them. A Digital Workplace is the ideal playground (even more so with the JGame module) for getting everyone involved and measuring the results (cleaning, optimisation, eco-score, etc.).


Do your customers ask about Digital Responsibility ?

Hoang-Anh : More and more of them are asking us about our approach, either because they've started a similar process themselves or because they're considering it. However, as I've noticed in all organisations, it's very complicated to make it a priority among all the other issues. Digital responsibility is an important subject, but not an urgent one in terms of an organisation's timescale.

That's why it's all the more essential to integrate it in small doses into everyone's daily lives. It's very similar to the problem of capitalising on corporate knowledge: we know it needs to be done, but we're finding it hard to find the time to do it. The right strategy is to do it as you go along. That way, the cost seems lower and less penalising, and in the end it's the sum of the little bits of action that can make the difference.

With this in mind, we are working with our customers and partners to develop a catalogue of responsible practices. Its target is to provide concrete guidelines to encourage users to make good use of their Digital Workplace so that it has as little negative impact on the environment and society as possible. We also offer a Digital Cleanup JGame based on our gamification framework to encourage users to apply these practices in a fun way through individual and collective challenges.

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