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Leave management and tracking

Simplify the declaration and management of leave, WTR and public vacations for all your employees!

This module is a leave management module designed to simplify and automate the process of requesting leave, managing requests and viewing leave status within a team. Whether you're a small business or a large organization, this module offers an intuitive solution for streamlining leave management and improving communication within your team.

By providing a user-friendly interface for leave requests, planning and viewing team availability is made easy.

  • Simplifies the leave request process for employees and managers;
  • Promotes transparency and communication within the team;
  • Enables more precise planning thanks to a centralized calendar;
  • Saves time for employees and reduces errors associated with leave management.
  • Online leave requests: let your employees easily submit leave requests through a user-friendly online interface;
  • Integrated calendar: view planned leave, public holidays and team availability on a centralized calendar, enabling more efficient planning;
  • Hierarchical approvals: configure customized approval workflows based on your organization's hierarchical structure, ensuring that leave requests follow the appropriate process;
  • Leave management: delegate leave management to other users in case of absence, define RTT quota per year and per country, define desired workflow for leave requests;
  • Analytical dashboards: as managers, access dashboards offering an overview of your team's leave requests, export leave for the current year.
  • interfaces for leave tracking and management
  • options for adapting leave management to your company's context
  • time savings

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