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JCall makes videoconferences easy. Start them in just a few clicks from everywhere!

JCall integrates videoconferencing tools into the Digital Workplace in order to streamline their daily use by associating them with their context of use.

Users can therefore start a videoconference from:

  • From a member's profile page or profile card (TTCard): a simple click starts the videoconference directly with the person concerned.
  • Calendar event: video conferencing is activated with the chosen video service and participants can join the virtual meeting when the time comes.
  • From a JTask project: the members of the project are then proposed by default as participants in the videoconference. User can add/remove participants before starting the video with one click.
  • From the application launcher: the user easily invites people to participate in the videoconference thanks to the auto-completion of the Digital Workplace.
  • From a JLearn session: the organizer then creates an associated virtual class using the integrated videoconferencing tool
  • From Horizon, Jalios secure business chat solution: all participants in a chat room can join the video conference

People invited to an immediate videoconference are automatically notified in their alert center, and can join the conference directly by clicking on the link provided in the alert.

JCall is also available on mobile in the JMobile app when viewing an event and on a member's profile page. As standard, JCall supports many video conferencing tools, including Jitsi, Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, BigBlueButton and Glowbl.

Its entirely possible to develop specific connectors for other videoconferencing tools allowing this type of integration.

What customer likes

  • Optimized integration for my daily use

With JCall, I no longer need to start my videoconferencing tool by hand to use it, I do it directly from the Digital Workplace. If I want to contact a particular person, I simply find them using the quick search, and I start a call from their profile card. And when I want to organize several people to a video, I easily find all the participants to invite among the members and contacts of the Digital Workplace, I don't need to copy/paste. Besides, I simply need to organize a meeting as I usually do and activate the videoconferencing tool of my choice!

  • The choice of videoconferencing tools

The market for videoconferencing tools is evolving quickly, there are more and more of them, offering performance, levels of interaction but also security. Some are free, some are paid. With JCall, our organization maintains control of these tools, and we can define a global strategy that takes into account security and budget requirements while meeting the needs of our users. We can calmly consider changing videoconferencing tools if necessary, without fear of impacting end users, or even defining which tools to favor based on usage. We can also integrate our own video tools by developing the associated connectors.