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Promote your videos. Offer your contributors an intuitive tool to add videos, list them, categorize them.

Do you want to make it easier to make your videos available? The JTube module allows you to upload your videos in just a few clicks. Employees then have access to sharing or downloading functionalities.

Do you want to streamline access to all the videos available on your Digital Workplace? The themes section offers an overview of all available videos.

These videos can be local (i.e. from your video files) or remote, i.e. from a provider like YouTube.

JTube offers a set of features with the possibility:

  • To publish so-called “local” videos
  • Importing the file
  • Automatic title recovery
  • To publish so-called “remote” videos
  • Supported providers: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo
  • Entering a link
  • Automatic retrieval of title and description
  • To create themes, to classify videos
  • Structural help
  • Tree concept
  • Theme present by default
  • Filters displayed videos
  • For a user to create their own playlists
  • Which can be renamed and reordered
  • Display existing videos in the form of cards, through several views, and which can be filtered
  • Information on the cards
  • Thumbnail, title, duration, date, number of views and progress
  • Views
  • All videos, across different sections (if no filter enabled)
  • Videos at the top of the list, highlighted during creation/editing
  • Recently Added: Most recent videos, in descending order
  • Continue watching (local videos started but not finished)
  • Progress bar on the map, which shows your progress
  • Watch later (if the JReading module is integrated)
  • Continue watching (like the section with the same name)
  • My videos: user-added videos
  • My playlists: user-created video lists
  • Filters
  • Themes
  • Author
  • Date Added
  • Workspace
  • Display a video, its information and possible actions
  • Information (format, origin, themes, number of views, duration, date added, etc.)
  • Reading
  • Adding to Playlist
  • Download (if local video)
  • Interactions (likes, comments)
  • Suggested videos (with common themes)
  • Standard actions (recommendation, submission of a new version, etc.)
  • To carry out a search according to the title, description and subtitles of the video sought
  • A mobile view
  • Video catalog
  • A tab per catalog type to filter results
  • Video playback, downloading, and interactions (in full view)
  • Adding local or remote videos
  • The possibility of integrating a simplified video library into our Digital Workplace

"We have access to a rich library of videos, whether from our events or stories about our products and services. With this resource, our marketing departments and sales team have an invaluable source for creating content or enrich our sales kit."

  • Sharing and classifying videos according to common themes or areas of intervention

“JTube allows us to add videos around themes or areas of intervention. All employees can contribute, which allows us to collect a substantial collection of videos on different subjects.”

  • Creating personal playlists

"With JTube, we can group and organize our favorite videos into personal playlists, making it easier to discover and reuse relevant content. This feature significantly increases the efficiency and usability of our video library tool, allowing us to maximize the value of your video assets."