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JGame is a gamification framework for JPlatform. JGame offers game design elements to introduce game play based, among other things, on the functionalities and content of JPlatform.

With JGame, motivate and progress your users by challenging them. These challenges can take various forms: enter your photo on your profile, go to a page of the site, vote on content, publish a certain type of content, find the answer to a question, scan a QR Code, etc. JGame uses all the features of JPlatform and it is possible to propose challenges on specific functions such as “complete a task” (JTask module), “follow knowledge” (JLearn module), “suggest an idea” (Conversation Spaces module) , “relay content on social networks” (Employee Advocacy module), etc.

JGame is ready to use. You don't need to develop to use it. You can also import existing games and export your own games to share on other JPlatform sites.

If you want to develop your own games, JGame requires significant design work to build a game design that is engaging, motivating, progressive and of course fun.

There are different methods that exist and which are described in the various works on gamification:

  • The power of gamification
  • Actionable Gamification
  • For the win
  • Gamification or the art of using game mechanics in your business

For the creation of a game, there is also illustration work.