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Optimize the efficiency of your employees and promote collaboration with the JNote application, a note-taking solution integrated into your Digital Workplace.

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your employees and encourage collaboration?

The JNotes application is positioned as the ideal note-taking solution, accessible at any time within your Digital Workplace. Whether during a face-to-face meeting or a digital webinar, your users have the ability to create and write personal notes, with the flexibility to decide whether to share them or not.

Promote collaboration and cross-functionality within your organization using the JNotes application. Offering your colleagues the opportunity to share their notes, it allows you to disseminate key information from presentations or meetings, thus encouraging increased knowledge sharing within your team.

The JNotes application, available in mobile version only for consultation, offers a notes management area displaying the accessible notes with the possibility:

  • To search for a note and filter the search by entering keywords;
  • Classify notes by drag and drop;
  • Access statistics by period, relating to the number of users, notes, notes per user and updates with a histogram display.

Users can create a note and access features:

  • Input with a rich editor in WYSIWYG mode (adding titles, bullet points, tables, etc.);
  • Unified insertion of links to existing documents, link to a Wiki or to other content;
  • Image insertion, copy/paste and resizing;
  • Adding check boxes;
  • Translation;
  • Entering keywords;
  • Pinning;
  • Sharing.

What customers like

  • The rich editor in WYSIWYG mode to improve the readability of notes

"This editor allows us to compose and visualize the note as it will be available with rich functionalities for formatting the text, inserting content, links. Note-taking is intuitive and the rendering is structured and well formatted , which promotes memorization at the time of entry and the taking of information during consultation."

  • The availability of my notes whatever the context

"No matter where I am, my notes are accessible! In the field, in a meeting with a partner, on desktop, tablet or smartphone, our employees find their notes. The integration of notes into our Digital Workplace allows us save time and help increase our efficiency."

  • The ability to aggregate all information on a topic

"I can create a notebook on a subject, in which I aggregate all the information whatever their formats: text, links, document, image, video, mind maps, etc. Thanks to the check boxes, I can define a list of tasks to do and monitor their progress. I then have access to it, at any time, on my Digital Workplace, this is the assurance of prioritizing my activities and not forgetting anything."