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Give your users the tools they need to easily integrate maps into the content of your Digital Workplace!

With JMaps, you can make everyday life easier for your users, helping them to find their way around or plan their itinerary directly from an event in their calendar, for example. 

Create an interactive map to illustrate or complete content, and configure it to give it the desired appearance (size, zoom....). You can position locations, locate news items and more.

Combined with one of its geolocation supplier modules, the JMaps module enables you to integrate mapping services into all your Digital Workplace content via unified insertion: 

  • Create an interactive map displaying location data
  • Customize the map's appearance (size, zoom, etc.)
  • Insert this map into an article or calendar event
  • Add and use a picker
  • Retrieve GPS coordinates from an address  
  • Recover an address from GPS coordinates

What customers like

  • Integration into the Digital Workplace

"We can easily integrate interactive maps and geolocation into our content. What's more, enriching our content saves us time."

  • Freedom of choice of provider

"We have a choice of several providers, each with its own advantages and visual comfort. We can also create your own provider."