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Save time, automate exchanges and processes with JBot, the conversational assistant for your Digital Workplace!

Do you want to offer your employees a conversational assistant that will allow them to save time and automate processes?

Introduce the JBot module, an innovative conversational assistant, for natural interaction with the Jalios Digital Workplace. With JBot, your employees can formulate their requests intuitively, and the assistant takes care of searching for the necessary information and carrying out the associated processing. Offer your teams the same comfort they enjoy in their personal lives within their professional digital environment.

With its features, JBot can transform the way you interact with the Jalios Digital Workplace, simplifying your requests and making it easier to manage your tasks.

  • Intuitive interface: JBot offers a conversational assistant interface directly integrated into the Jalios Digital Workplace. Accessible from the JBot icon at the bottom right, it presents itself as an instant messenger to communicate with the conversational agent.
  • Voice control: Voice control is available on compatible browsers, including Google Chrome and partially Microsoft Edge, providing a smoother and more convenient experience.
  • Mobile accessibility: JBot is also available in full-page application view from the application launcher and on mobile. On mobile devices, JBot is optimized for the use of native voice control, providing a user-friendly mobile experience.
  • Consultation requests: JBot understands standard consultation requests, such as the location of a contact, reading list, global document search, other members' calendars, past activity, or even weather forecasts. It leverages features from JCalendar, JTask, JLearn, leave management, and others.
  • Management of creation requests: JBot also allows you to manage creation requests, such as adding tasks, creating appointments, reserving rooms, or even requesting leave. It guides the user step by step when necessary, requesting the necessary information before creation.
    Intuitive interaction: in the event of ambiguity, JBot asks the user for clarification to ensure a precise understanding of the requests.
  • Real-time help: at any time, the user can ask JBot what it can do using the “Help me” command.
  • Custom configuration: JBot can be configured and trained to understand new intentions and automate exchanges and processes, based on the information and applications accessible in the Digital Workplace.
  • Connectors: with JBot, you have the choice of the conversational agent solution to use, whether it is DialogFlow, a cloud solution developed by Google (JBot connector developed by Jalios), or Rasa, an open-source solution available on-premise (connector JBot developed by Klee Group).

What customers like

  • Integration into the Digital Workplace

"As standard, the conversational assistant already knows how to use the information and applications available in the Digital Workplace: we can easily find employees and their calendars (JCalendar), as well as tasks (JTask) and guides and knowledge (JGuide, JLearn). Creating calendar events in a single sentence is comfortable and saves time. And we can easily improve the provided conversational agent by training it with the most frequent formulations."

  • Freedom of choice of conversational engine

"We were able to compare two proposed engines, DialogFlow and Rasa, and chose to start with DialogFlow for a quick start. Eventually, if usage intensifies, we'll be able to migrate to Rasa with an on-premise installation."