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Access and work on your documents from your PC, Mac, tablet or cell phone with complete peace of mind: they're automatically saved and shared on your digital workspace.  

Are you updating documents, but your colleagues are constantly using older versions? 

With JDrive, your documents are modified, saved and synchronized, and your team members always have the latest versions!

When a document is added to the user's JDrive, JDrive takes care of :

  • Automatically synchronize the document in both directions;
  • Detect update conflicts;
  • Display JDrive file status icons in Windows Explorer (synchronized, locked, private, new document, etc.);
  • When a category (folder) is added, JDrive performs these operations for all documents associated with that category.

The document in Windows Explorer gives access to a "Jalios JDrive" context menu, enabling you to :

  • Directly display the corresponding document online on the site ;
  • Modify the metadata associated with the document on the site;
  • Lock the document;
  • Recommend the document;
  • Indicate a major document update;
  • Activate read-only mode, so as not to lock the document.

When a user adds a document to their local JDrive, JDrive automatically uploads it to the Jalios site:

  • Either in the document space associated with the local path of the file created;
  • Or in the user's private JDrive.

What customers like

"Editing documents is really just a click away. Adding and removing a file from the JDrive is also a matter of a few clicks. If the document is in my JDrive, then it can be used as if it were permanently on my workstation. I no longer have to worry about whether it's updated locally and on the server."