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Get all your agents involved in a secure digital work environment that promotes collaboration and efficiency!
Ministries, Agencies, State Operators: over 50 central administrations have chosen Jalios for their Intranet, Digital Workplace, Extranet or collaborative platform.


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Choose a sovereign solution to guarantee data security 

Everyday, agents share a significant flow of data, ranging from current news to confidential information. Choose a French Digital Workplace, regularly audited and CSPN-certified by ANSSI, to protect your data.

  • Our solution makes it easy for you to comply with security regulations, in line with current laws and the requirements of the European Union's RGPD.
  • We adopt security best practices to meet the 'Responsibility' principle established by ANSSI.
  • Our solution incorporates the application protection mechanisms recommended by OWASP standards.

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Engage and mobilize your agents around shared values 

The rise of hybrid working and the importance of field agents are forcing central administrations to adapt in order to continue to promote public service missions, and strengthen the commitment of their agents, wherever they work. 

  • Rely on modern, dynamic internal communications to mobilize your teams, give meaning to their work and encourage individual fulfillment.
  • Encourage the sharing of information and knowledge between agents with real-time and asynchronous collaboration tools: instant messaging, forums, collaborative spaces, collaborative monitoring, etc.
  • With document management, provide rapid access to the documents and resources agents need for their day-to-day work, whenever and wherever they are.

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Boost efficiency and transversality, both internally and externally 

With a wide variety of professions among their workforce, government agencies need to enable all their staff to work effectively together and with external partners.

  • Create synergies and encourage cross-functionality beyond organizational silos, with all your agents spread across the whole territory thanks to a shared digital work environment.
  • Embark your employees on a social, collaborative and mobile Intranet, for secure exchanges: instant messaging, blogging, polls, wikis, etc.
  • Offer a secure collaborative platform for centralizing and sharing reliable information and documents, both internally and with external parties.

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