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Managing a cookie banner (GDPR)

Make sure you meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding cookie management!

This module is designed to make it easy to manage and comply with online cookie and privacy regulations. This module allows you to set up a customizable cookie banner, collect user consents transparently and maintain RGPD compliance.

What does the RGPD say about cookie management?

Before depositing or reading a cookie, site or application publishers must:

  • Inform Internet users of the purpose of cookies
  • Obtain their consent (this consent is valid for a maximum of 13 months)
  • Provide users with a means of refusing cookies.

(Source: Information from the CNIL website)

This solution makes it possible to provide a large number of services already added by the Tarteaucitron community, and to let you benefit from them on your JPlatform site. Your users can access information on the purpose of each cookie deposited, accept them en masse or manage cookie acceptance on a per-cookie basis.

  • User preference management: allow users to manage their consent preferences for each cookie, and change their choice at any time;
  • Transparent consent collection: obtain informed consent from users by clearly explaining the types of cookies used and their purposes;
  • Positioning and display: integrate the cookie consent banner wherever you like on your site, adapting it to the site's aesthetics;
  • Application of services offered by Tarteaucitron: activate the services offered by Tarteaucitron that require consent and automatically integrate them into your cookie banner (e.g. Matomo, Google Analytics).
  • Possibility of activating implicit collection of user consent via a simple scroll or while browsing the site. Please note that this collection is no longer considered to be genuine user consent within the meaning of the RGPD regulations ;
  • Option to display a link to an article of your choice about the site's privacy policy;
  • Option to tolerate or not adblockers on the site;
  • Choice of domain for multi-domain cookie management;
  • Choice of Tarteaucitron services to be activated, which also require consent and will be automatically displayed in the cookie agreement banner. Note that the module allows you to integrate your platform with certain external services directly (Matomo, Google Analytics and many others). All you need to do is enter certain properties (site ID and url of your Matomo account, for example);
  • Customize your cookie banner: the module lets you create an attractive, branded cookie banner for your company. Choose from different colors, fonts and locations to integrate the banner harmoniously with your website.
  • Use of a recognized opensource tool (Tarteaucitron)
  • Possibility of integrating external, market-renowned analysis tools
  • Possibility of banner customization

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