A Digital Workplace enriched by Artificial Intelligence 

How is AI reinventing the employee experience? 

When AI is combined with a Digital Workplace, it's not just used to write things for us... The AI integrated into Jalios offers an efficient employee experience on a daily basis: summary, translation, transcription, q&a with a document, assistant, etc. Find out how AI actually saves your employees time and how to deploy its uses safely and responsibly with Jalios! 


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Enriched content to work better together 

Enrich all your content with the wave of a magic wand and fully exploit the potential of Generative AI. Individually and especially collectively! 

  • Use AI to write better content and boost your productivity
  • Suggest keywords to better classify your documents
  • Automatic translation to share content in an international context
  • Transcription of messages and vocals
  • Multilingual transcription and subtitling of videos 

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Intelligent content to develop your own assistants 

More powerful than any search engine, AI becomes a real assistant and allows you to interact directly with any document or set of documents thanks to RAG. 

  • Choose the reliable file or document to query
  • Ask anything in a natural language
  • Artificial Intelligence gives you a precise answer and shows you where the information is taken from any file
  • Stay in control and check the relevance of the answers provided! 

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A flexible architecture to keep control of your data 

With Jalios, you are free to use the LLM of your choice. You concerned about the security and confidentiality of data? Choose a French and sovereign player or an on-premise AI solution. Thanks to JNLP, you can choose the best AI provider adapted to your use and even to have several providers combined. As a true governance platform, Jalios integrates with: 

  • ChatGPT: unlock the limitless creative potential of generative AI
  • NLP Cloud: an artificial intelligence platform that provides its users with an access to numerous AI models
  • Gladia: a fast and accurate way to turn data into valuable knowledge
  • Light On : free your productivity with a ready-to-use AI platform
  • Mistral AI : a powerful and sovereign generative AI 

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