Some beautiful testimonies at the RIRSE 2023 International Meeting

On 20 and 21 November, Jalios was present at the RIRSE 2023, (the "Rencontre Digital Workplace, Collaboratif, Intranet", formerly the Rencontre Internationale Intranet, RSE et Transformation digitale) as a Silver Sponsor. The RIRSE has been the essential meeting place for decision-makers and players in the intranet, digital workplace and collaborative working sectors for 19 years. Boubacar Coulibaly, Business Engineer at Jalios, attended the two-day event on behalf of Jalios. One of the speakers was Coline Chaumont, Communications Manager at Indigo Group, whose Intranet is powered by Jalios. Boubacar talks us through the event.


What do you like the most about this event ?

I regularly take part in this event, which lives up to its name: Les Rencontres Digital Workplace, Collaboratif et Intranet. It's all about taking the time to meet inspiring people. The conferences were very interesting, and so was the sharing of experiences. It was also an opportunity to talk to the participants and take the time to find out about their challenges. It's worth noting that the event is aimed at both private and public organisations, and I think that's admirable, because there are undoubtedly a lot of synergies to be found in both types of organisation.

Did you meet any Jalios customers at this event ?

We regularly meet our customers at this type of event, including MAIF, Groupe Briand, Pôle emploi, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and MACIF. They come to share their experience and discover the best practices of their peers. They are both participants and speakers. It's always a great pleasure for us to hear our customers tell their stories and show what impact they're creating with our collaborative platform

Last year, Maxime Ségard from La Redoute took part in a conference and showed how they had implemented the gamification offered by Jalios to on-board new employees and also how they use JMobile to keep in touch with employees in the field.

This year, we were delighted to hear from Coline Chaumont, who presented "INWEGO", the INDIGO Group's collaborative intranet. Integrating MS365 and deployed in 9 countries, their platform connects 8,000 employees, 80% of whom are in the field. With three times as many visits VS previous tools, this Jalios-powered platform has been designed by and for employees. Inwego remove the barriers between countries with information for all and the opportunity for everyone to contribute to communication.


Temoignage-Indigo-Group-Jalios-RIRSE-2023      Post-RIRSE-2023


Download the complete Indigo case study


To conclude, what can we take away from this 2023 edition of RIRSE?

Compared to last year, the new topic is most certainly Artificial Intelligence, and we were delighted to expose all the possibilities of JNLP, the new AI application developed by Jalios R&D.

By integrating generative AI functions into the Digital Workplace, JNLP saves time on a daily basis and makes organizations more efficient: generation of subtitles, videos, videoconferences, automatic writing of document summaries or webchat conversations, automatic translation of documents, etc.

Security is also still a major concern. And it is indeed possible to make use of generative AI while retaining control of your data, as Jalios offers to use ChatGPT, proposed by OpenAI, but also other French players such as Gladia or NLP Cloud. Jalios is the only vendor to offer the option of implementing governance over the choice and use of alternatives to address the sovereignty and security issues that can arise from integrating generative AI tools.


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