2023 results: Jalios achieves 28% growth

Jalios' sovereign solution has made a name for itself in the collaborative platform market, thanks to its ability to meet security requirements, its interoperability and its innovations in Artificial Intelligence.


Le Chesnay, December 5, 2023 - The French software publisher has had a very good year in 2023, with growth of 28% and a remarkable 38% increase in its Cloud activities. Boosted by the trust of almost 500 customers, the relevance of its sovereign solution and the dynamism of its ecosystem of over 70 partners, the editor strengthened its position as leader in the French collaborative solutions market, not only by achieving sales of €13.2 million, but also by being the first to offer innovative uses of generative AI in its solution.


A proven, certified, sovereign solution

Still ranked 1st in its sector and 144th in the TOP 250 French software publishers by Numeum, Jalios is a key player in collaborative solutions in France. As a start-up in the French Tech ecosystem, the publisher is also committed to the "Je choisis la French Tech" plan launched by Jean-Noël Barrot, the French Minister for Digital Transition, to become more involved in the French innovation ecosystem.


Indeed, many of Jalios' customers are public and private organizations looking for a sovereign solution that has proven its worth in structures with hundreds of thousands of users, and is capable of meeting their security and confidentiality requirements. They choose Jalios because, thanks to its multi-cloud capability, it enables them to retain control over the hosting of their data on the cloud of their choice (private, SecNumCloud, etc.) or on-premise. Jalios offers are all based on JPlatform 10SP4, the only collaborative solution on the market to have obtained ANSSI CSPN certification.


As a member of the Hexatrust association and aware of the large volume of confidential data transiting on its collaborative platform, Jalios has made security one of the pillars of its development strategy.

"For several years now, we've been supporting numerous customers with very high security challenges, public bodies such as DINUM, DGFiP, AMF, Caisse des Dépôts, etc., but also private players, particularly in the banking, healthcare and industrial sectors. Using a Digital Workplace such as Jalios structures an organization's security policy and serves as a governance engine for better collective cybersecurity," points out Xavier Masia, Director of Operations at Jalios, who represented Jalios at the Universités d'été de la cybersécurité et du Cloud de Confiance last September.



2.3M users and over 460 customers

To date, Jalios has more than 2.3 million users and 460 customers in a wide variety of sectors, demonstrating the solution's ability to be customized and integrated to meet customer needs as closely as possible.

In 2023, Jalios strengthened its presence in the public sector with state entities, such as BRGM attached to the Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Territories, and the SHOM, which depends on the French Navy, with local authorities including the Councils of Belfort and Seine-et-Marne, the city of Asnières and the metropolis of Lyon. Jalios continues also its development in the fire department sector, with the SDIS of Haute-Vienne and the SDIS of Marne; and in the higher education sector, with the Universities of Angers and Poitiers, the Catholic University of Lyon and the Excelia Group.


Jalios is also expanding in the private sector, with ETIs such as Compass, DiotSavi, In Extenso and, more recently, Bymycar and Diagast. Jalios is also pursuing its international development, with greater growth abroad and new customers in Germany, Switzerland, Morocco and Benin. The Jalios solution is particularly well-suited to these structures, which prefer a solid, long-term solution capable of evolving and adapting to the needs of employees with a wide variety of profiles and professions.


Generative AI: Jalios pioneers innovative uses

Driven for more than 22 years by useful innovation, this year the publisher unveiled generative AI functionalities in its platform: automatic summarization, video transcription, automatic classification, authoring assistant, conversation with documents, and more. The editor is the first player in the French market to have seized on the technology to make organizations more efficient, and is thus positioned as a pioneer on the subject.

What's more, by enabling the use of LLMs (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT offered by OpenAI, but also others proposed by French players such as Gladia or NLP Cloud, it is the only one to offer the possibility of setting up governance over the choice and use of alternatives to address the sovereignty and security issues that the integration of generative AI tools can pose.

"Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way we work, both individually and collectively. We need to anticipate its integration into our practices, to reap the benefits in terms of efficiency, but also to retain control over our data and the technologies employed. The Digital Workplace is the ideal place to address this issue in the day-to-day lives of our employees, and thus support change. The JServices architecture at the heart of the Jalios solution also responds perfectly to the need for technological independence, which is what sovereignty is all about," explains Olivier Dedieu, R&D Director at Jalios. 


More than a software publisher: an ecosystem and a marketplace

Jalios' growth is mirrored by the growth of its partner ecosystem, both the consulting and integration partners who support customers in their projects, and the technology partners whose solutions complement the Jalios offering.

This year, the publisher has invested even more in its partnership strategy, which it has been committed to since the company's inception, in line with its values of collective intelligence and inclusive diversity. In June 2023, the publisher organized the first edition of the JPartner, an event dedicated to its partner ecosystem, which saw 5 of the 70 partners present receive awards: Klee Group, Eolas/Orange Business, Kozao and Illinks.

"The nomination of Nicolas Turlay as head of alliances will enable the entire Jalios ecosystem to accelerate together to better meet the digital transformation challenges of organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.  We're convinced that everyone can make a contribution: integrator partners, technology partners and consulting firms," explains Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.

In particular, with the launch of its showcase marketplace, Jalios plans to accelerate the development of best-of-breed technology partnerships for the benefit of its customers and users.



About Jalios

French leader for over 22 years in the Cloud and On-Premise Intranet and Digital Workplace market, Jalios' mission is to make organizations more efficient and everyone's work more fulfilling over the long term. Its sovereign solution, Jalios Workplace, is designed for all employees, whatever their job profile, whether in the office, telecommuting, in the field or on the move.  It creates links and facilitates collaboration, both internally and externally.

Jalios Workplace comes in 3 ready-to-use editions to provide a complete, natively collaborative, open and interoperable digital work environment (chat, videoconferencing, office automation, EDM, communities, etc.) that integrates with customers' existing IS. The Microsoft 365 edition and the Google edition optimize and complement the use of these suites. The Liberty edition is a sovereign alternative.


By unifying communication, collaboration and knowledge management, the solution gives employees, partners, customers, members and suppliers the means to work together efficiently. Modular, extensible and highly customizable, the solution is used by its customers not only for their social and mobile Intranet and Digital Workplace, but also Extranet, Social Network, collaborative platform, document and knowledge management and Digital Learning.


Awarded the "Numérique Responsable" label, Jalios currently employs some 90 people who are curious about and passionate about innovation, and relies on a network of recognized partners to support nearly 500 customers, from SMEs to major accounts, in the public, private and associative sectors, including: Caisse des Dépôts, SFR Business, La Redoute, Système U, the French Ministry of Labor, the French Interministerial Directorate for Digital Affairs, MACIF, the Yves Rocher Group, and numerous SMEs, ETIs, towns, departments and regions.


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