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CRM Eudonet

Synchronize your platform with Eudonet CRM to save time and benefit from the potential of both tools!

In the age of Big Data, the sheer volume and variety of data is becoming ever greater, making data analysis increasingly complex. This quantitative explosion enables a new approach to analysis and visualization, and opens up new possibilities for exploration and cross-referencing.

The Digital Workplace and CRM have distinct roles, but both can share common or similar information:

  • Information on staff or contacts (partners, suppliers...)
  • Attachments to workgroups
  • Participation in events
  • Project collaboration

If you want to share your data between the Digital Workplace and CRM, this module is for you.

This connector enables the Jalios solution to be authenticated on your company's Eudonet services. Eudoweb, publisher of the Eudonet solution, is the European leader in business-oriented CRM. Thanks to the API provided, you can make any requests (creation, modification, reading and deletion) between your digital platform and your Eudonet CRM.

  • Synchronization of all Jalios data: you can synchronize all data in your CRM according to your needs: groups, members, contacts, and all types of content in your platform (e.g.: upload company files to Jalios so that your customers/members/partners can modify the information themselves).
  • 2-way synchronization: all data can be synchronized in both directions, from Eudonet to Jalios and/or from Jalios to Eudonet. Synchronization can be performed in real time or via periodic batches.
  • Synchronize member groups: you can automatically associate your members with the right groups and spaces on your platform (collaborative and workspaces, specific roles, etc.).
  • Synchronize event registrations and participation: if you use our advanced calendar event management module, you can synchronize participants and their participation information, event attachments, geolocation, etc.).
  • Synchronize Jalios collaborative workspaces: if you use Jalios collaborative workspaces, you can also retrieve key information from your CRM (workspace type, title, theme, moderators and participants).
  • Synchronize forms: if you use the Jalios JProcess module or any other form in your platform (contact form, etc.), you can also transmit completed requests to your Eudonet CRM.
  • Connection with a renowned French CRM
  • The module's flexible integration with Eudonet CRM
  • The ability to synchronize platforms in both directions
  • Time saved on integration to link data from 2 platforms
  • Time saved in terms of technical integration (to link data from 2 platforms) and data entry

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