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Cities, communities, departments or regions... It's more than 60 local authorities that have chosen Jalios for their Intranet, Digital Workplace, Digital Office, Extranet or collaborative platform.

Put the agent experience at the heart of the digital transition, find out how to make your local authority more efficient and where everyone's work more fulfilling.


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Digital services for a better agent experience

The agent experience includes all the interactions and feelings of agents throughout their career. Dematerialization, digital transformation, multiplication of IT tools: the agent's digital workspace is becoming an essential component of an agent experience. 

  • Enhance the agent experience with a single portal, bringing together all the collaborative tools needed to support agents in their day-to-day mission.
  • Create a complete and efficient digital office with a solution that addresses all your communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing needs.
  • Dematerialize business processes and simplify your agents day-to-day work.

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Gather your staff around a shared, meaningful ambition

With the development of telecommuting and hybrid working, local authorities are adapting to maintain links and continue to unite around the values of public services, regardless of where their agents work.

  • With the Intranet, you have several internal communication channels at your disposal to forge links with all your employees and strengthen their day-to-day commitment.
  • Set up profiled communication to limit infobesity and provide everyone with the right information at the right time.
  • Easily create, manage and communicate all your events, whether face-to-face, remote or hybrid, to maintain the collective momentum.

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Maintain contact with all agents, especially those in the field

Local authorities are faced with a huge diversity of professions within their workforce. These agents cover a wide territory, and it's often difficult to keep in touch with them.  

  • Give direct access to collaborative tools on your mobile device, whether responsive or with a dedicated mobile application.
  • Manage your news and offer a dynamic editorial space where each agent can share content that is useful for everyone.
  • Maintain links and streamline interactions between all agents with real-time exchanges thanks to Horizon, an instant messaging application, and videoconferencing tools.

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Raise your agents awareness of digital responsibility with more sober tools and digital uses: reduce infobesity, cut down on duplicates, e-mails and attachments.


Deploy a Digital Workplace that integrates seamlessly with your existing information system and applications: document management, office automation, email, calendar, etc.

Security & Sovereignty

Choose a French software publisher and secure your information with a solution that manages authentication and access rights to applications and data.

Develop collaboration, cross-functionality and innovation

With a wide range of professions, a vast field of action and a wealth of knowledge to be shared over the long term, local authorities benefit from encouraging collaboration and cross-functionality to enable their agents to develop innovative initiatives, always at the service of citizens.

  • Create collaborative spaces based on communities of interest to streamline exchanges and encourage collaboration between agents.
  • Capitalize on your knowledge and work on documents simultaneously, thanks to the Document Management System (DMS) and its co-editing functions.
  • Make teamwork easier and more efficient with an agile project management tool perfectly integrated into the agents digital office: task tracking, kanban, planning, etc.

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Carrying your agents through their careers journey

With a strong HR focus, local authorities recruit and support their talented staff with a wide range of qualifications, throughout their careers and over the long term. 

  • Deploy an HR portal on your intranet to make all HR documents and information available to your employees, in complete confidentiality.
  • Build collaborative knowledge bases that are easily accessible on a daily basis, and promote the sharing of know-how with new arrivals in a more inclusive, cross-generational way.
  • Spread best practices among your agents and offer face-to-face and hybrid training courses, thanks to Social Learning and Micro Learning, and energize this learning with gamification.

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