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Technical partner

BlueMind is the only European collaborative messaging solution compatible with all uses: from native Outlook to collaborative Thunderbird to webmail designed for 100% UX. Proven, open source and sovereign, BlueMind is at the heart of Digital Workplace solutions, enabling a global approach to collaboration.


  • Compatible with all email uses: the only solution natively compatible with Outlook, collaborative Thunderbird, webmail, mobiles...
  • A fully sovereign solution to keep control of your messaging system
  • BlueMind is Open Source, a development philosophy based on transparency and digital cleanliness.
  • BlueMind reconciles sovereignty and user satisfaction

Why partner with Jalios?

"Email is the mainstay of communication, the most widely used tool in business, and constantly growing. BlueMind is the messaging alternative that combines sovereignty and respect for user habits. BlueMind offers a modern web interface and the best support for Outlook, Thunderbird, Macs and mobility. A proven open source solution, BlueMind is chosen by the majority of Digital Workplace solutions for its global approach to collaboration. The partnership with Jalios is a natural extension of this approach."

Pierre Baudracco   Pierre Baudracco, président de BlueMind



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